01 July 2020

Thai Airways International's HS-TKQ

Thai Airways International's 777-3ALER, HS-TKQ "Khemarat" (c/n 41526, l/n 1129), made a flight from BKK to HNL as THA8084. After arrival, it taxied to HIK.

HS-TKQ departed for BKK later today as THA8085.

Omni Air International's N369AX

Our July edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to July 2004, with Omni Air International's 757-28A, N369AX (c/n 28161, l/n 723), seen above at Gate 15. It was operating the Vacations Hawai‘i Las Vegas charter service.

28161 was originally purchased by ILFC, and delivered under lease to Canada 3000 in September 1996 as C-FOON. In April 2002, it was leased to National Airlines [N7/ROK] as N543NA, which lasted only seven months. In May 2003, it was leased to Omni Air International as N369AX, and flew with Omni for four years. In December 2007, it was leased to Astraeus as G-STRY until December 2011. During its time with Astraeus, it was subleased to bmi-British Midland (May 2008 - June 2011), and Iceland Express (June - August 2011). It's next lessee from May 2012 was UTAir as VP-BAS. In January 2015, it was sold to AerCap, then leased to Azur Air as VP-BAS. In December 2016, it was sold to DHL as N826DH, and converted to a package freighter. It was transferred to its UK division as G-DHKI in August 2017. EAT Leipzig acquired this 757 in March 2019 as D-ALEV, and continues to wear the DHL livery.

30 June 2020

Sriwijaya Air's 2-AERK

Sriwijaya Air is returning its former PK-CMW "Bersyeba" (c/n 30033, l/n 1149) to AerCap. This 737-83N is now wearing an Isle of Man registration of 2-AERK, and Jet Test is making the ferry flight. Its ferrying from XSP to MZJ, via SZB, GUM, and HNL, as JTN183.

30033 was originally purchased by ILFC, and leased to American Trans Air (then ATA Airlines) in June 2002 as N323TZ. It was returned to ILFC in April 2008 as ATA closed its doors. Four months later, it was leased to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GEG. In May 2014, it was acquired by AerCap, and the lease was transferred, until June 2016. That October, it was leased to Sriwijaya Air as PK-CMW, and flew with the airline until November 2019. A month later, it was flown to XSP for storage.

24 June 2020

Cebu Pacific Air's RP-C3237

Cebu Pacific Air is ferrying RP-C3237 (msn 5045) from MNL to LCQ [Lake City, FL], via GUM, HNL, and ONT. The A320-214 is making a stop at HNL after arriving from GUM. 

RP-C3237 was delivered to Cebu Pacific in March 2012 under lease from RBC. Three months later, SMBC took over the lease. It was withdrawn from service in March 2020. The A320 is being ferried to LCQ for storage.

Mahalo to 808Spotter for the top photo.

19 June 2020

Asia Pacific Airlines Retires N705AA

Asia Pacific Airlines is ferrying N705AA (c/n 22462, l/n 1751) from GUM to IGM (via MAJ, HNL, and OAK) as MGE900. This 727-223F/Adv is being retired, and headed for storage. It's making its final stopover at HNL tonight. Before departing GUM, N705AA received a water-cannon salute from the airport's fire/rescue department. The future for N705AA is uncertain, as it underwent a heavy maintenance check two years ago.

With N705AA's departure from the Asia Pacific fleet, this effectively ends 727 operations at HNL, though the airliner had been relegated to its GUM base since late 2018. Boeing 727 began with Continental Airlines' Air Micronesia in the 1970s.

16 June 2020

Air China's B-6130

Air China's A330-243, B-6130 (msn 930), brought in the People's Republic of China's foreign ministry delegation that is scheduled to meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his delegation, here in Honolulu. The flight arrived from PEK as CCA57.

03 June 2020

Mokulele Airlines And Makani Kai Air To Merge

Mokulele Airlines announced that they will be merging with Makani Kai Air, combining inter-island operations to the smaller Hawai‘i airports. Mokulele also announced that they will start non-stop service between HNL and LNY.

Makani Kai Air's four Cessna C208Bs will be transferred.

Further information in this MauiWatch.com article.

02 June 2020

Aloha Air Cargo's New Service

Aloha Air Cargo has launched new service between ONT [Ontario, CA] and GSO [Greensboro, NC] as AAH710/AAH711 today. The airline moved N301KH "Kū Haʻaheo" (c/n 27904, l/n 2691), a 737-330SF, was ferried to ONT (via OAK) on May 29th.

According to sources, the route, flying for the US Postal Service, is scheduled to last a couple of months, but is open to be extended.

01 June 2020

Continental Airlines' N76062

Our June edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic"goes back to July 2004, with Continental Airlines' 767-424ER, N76062 (c/n 29457, l/n 869, f/n 062), seen above parked at Gate 24 (now Gate D1).

N76062 was delivered to Continental Airlines in March 2002, and was transferred to the United Airlines fleet when Continental was taken over in 2010, and given the fleet number 0062. It still flies with United, and was most-recently here on March 17th from EWR. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's been parked at ROW.

08 May 2020

Miami Air International Closes Doors

It was announced today that Miami Air International has shut down its operations. The airline was not able to obtain new financing to keep the charter airline in business, during its Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Their employees were laid-off, and their 737-800 fleet (parked as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic) have now been returned to its lessors.

Miami Air International used to fly in and out of HNL for US Navy personnel charters, as well as Hawai‘i Department of Corrections inmate transfer flights between IWA and HNL.

01 May 2020

Kalitta Air's N709CK

Our May edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to March 2004, with Kalitta Air's 747-132SF, N709CK (c/n 20247, l/n 159), seen above taxing out to Runway 8R to return to LAX.

20247 was originally delivered to Delta Air Lines in November 1971 as N9900. Boeing acquired it in April 1977 to convert it to a freighter, and three months later, sold to Flying Tiger Line as N805FT. When Federal Express acquired Flying Tigers in 1989, it was transferred, and re-registered as N625FE. In May 1993, it was acquired by Air Hong Kong as VR-HKC. A year later Kalitta / American International Airways purchased this 747-132SF, and registered it as N625PL. In June 1998, it was re-registered as N709CK. From February 1999 to December 2000, it was leased to AIA's Kitty Hawk International subsidiary, then returned to AIA (which re-branded to Kalitta Air). N709CK flew with Kalitta Air until December 2008, when it was stored at OSC, and was scrapped there in June 2015. The registration has been transferred to a Kalitta 747-4B5F (c/n 26396, l/n 951).