12 July 2018

Air New Zealand's ZK-OKI

Air New Zealand's latest 777-212ER, ZK-OKI (c/n 32336, l/n 422), made its first AKL-HNL flight today. The former Singapore Airlines "triple" still has the base livery of its previous life, which was 9V-SVL, delivered to Singapore Airlines in November 2002. This 777-212ER was acquired by Air New Zealand this past May to assist with alleviating traffic issues caused by the challenges with the airline's 787-9 engines.

10 July 2018

Royal Jet's A6-RJV

Royal Jet's A6-RJV (c/n 62467, l/n 5564), a 737-77W BBJ, has made a stop at HNL. Royal Jet [ROJ] (United Arab Emirates) is a private charter service based in Abu Dhabi. According to flight trackers, it's flying as ROJ8, and arrived from LAX.

Airbus Re-designates The C-Series

Airbus has re-designated the Bombardier C-Series (CS100 and CS300) as the A220, as part of their takeover of the latter manufacturer's operation and program of the smaller narrow-body airliner. From today, the CS100 will now be known as the A220-100, and the larger CS300 will be known as the A220-300. The above photo was taken last year, when C-FFDO made a stopover at HNL on a demonstration flight.

08 July 2018

Omega Tanker's N707MQ

Omega Tanker's 707-368C, N707MQ (c/n 23168, l/n 925), is being deployed to HNL, to participate in the 2018 RIMPAC naval and air exercise. It arrived from SBD as OME71.

07 July 2018

Upcoming 737NG & 737MAX Deliveries

With many of the airlines around Asia and Oceania ordering Next Generation 737s and 737 MAXs, most of those airliners will stop through Hawai‘i (mainly HNL) during the first segment of their island-hopping delivery flights from Boeing Field (BFI) [map]. This post is continuously updated as new information becomes available.

According to The Boeing Test Flights website, these listed below are the airframes that have begun assembly, or made its first flight from RNT, or are being readied for delivery on the BFI flightline. Additional information also provided by Tyke's Aero Blog and PlaneSpotters.net's 737 Production List. Those listed below, should make a stopover in Hawai‘i on their first segment out of BFI on their delivery flights in the near future:

7037 | B-1217 | 60897 | Air China Inner Mongolia | -89L [07.01.18 CNM047]
6985 | B-1485 | 60704 | Okay Airways | -MAX8 [07.01.18 OKA1485]
6965 | B-1295 | 63264 | China Southern Airlines | -MAX8 [07.03.18 CSN195]
7039 | B-1269 | 63689 | Jiangxi Airlines | -85C [07.07.18 CJX8989]

7034 | B-1256 | 61700 | China Eastern Airlines | -89P [07.12.18 CES2999]

737 NG
6943 | B-1276 | 63062 | China United Airlines | -89P « BFI
6969 | B-1185 | 60177 | Ruili Airlines | -8ME « BFI
6987 | B-1105 | 61280 | Donghai Airlines | -83Z «
6994 | B-1172 | 61368 | 9 Air | -86X « BFI
7002 | B-1147 | 63064 | China United Airlines | -89P «
7024 | B-1104 | 43910 | Donghai Airlines | -83Z «
7032 | B-____ | 60466 | Ruili Airlines | -8ME «
7036 | B-____ | 42979 | Hebei Airlines | -8LW «
7041 | B-____ | 64018 | Urumqi Airlines | -84P «
7052 | B-____ | 63691 | Jiangxi Air | -85C «
7054 | HL8316 | 64177 | Jeju Air | -8LC «

« First Flight: 07.13.18

737 MAX
6250 | HS-LS_ | 42987 | Thai Lion Air | -MAX9 (N7379E) «
6308 | HS-LS_ | 42989 | Thai Lion Air | -MAX9 (N739EX) « BFI
7008 | B-1290 | 42958 | Xiamen Air | -MAX8 «

« First Flight: 07.02.18

« Pre-Delivery Flight Testing
« Stored (Location [IATA])
° New / Modified Livery
* Special Livery / Markings

On the occasion that a delivery flight stops through a Neighbor Island airport, or Anchorage, AK [ANC], their IATA airport code will noted after its flight number. However, when the delivery flight goes through ANC, it will not be listed on the "Deliveries" pages.

Due to the amount of orders known, the 737 Order List has been moved to its own tab. When an airframe begins assembly or makes its first flight, the listing will be moved to this post, according to order of the Line Numbers.


Jiangxi Airlines' B-1269

Jiangxi Airlines is taking delivery of B-1269 (c/n 63689, l/n 7039) today. This 737-85C is making its its delivery flight from BFI as CJX8989, and will overnight at HNL.

06 July 2018

China Southern Airlines' B-5126

China Southern Airlines is ferrying B-5126 (c/n 32613, l/n 1197) from CAN to MIA, via GUM, HNL, and LAX as CSN8685. This 737-83N is being returned to GECAS after its lease expired.

32613 was originally delivered to American Trans Air in November 2002 as N327TZ, leased from GECAS, until early 2006. In June of that year, it was leased to China Southern Airlines as B-5126. It was withdrawn from service two months ago.

China Southern Airlines' B-2051

China Southern Airlines is ferrying B-2051 (c/n 27357, l/n 20), a 777-21B from URC [Diwopu International Airport, Urumqi, China] to GWO, via CAN and HNL, as CSN8653. It was delivered to China Southern in December 1995. From February to April 2000, it was leased to Biman Bangladesh Airlines. B-2015 was withdrawn from service in May 2018, and stored at URC.


OE-IGN (c/n 30656, l/n 1304), a 737-75C, is ferrying from XMN to the mainland, with a stop at HNL.

30656 was originally delivered to Xiamen Airlines in April 2003 as B-5038, leased from ILFC. In May 2014, it was acquired by AerCap, and continued with Xiamen Air. It was withdrawn from service in April 2018.

05 July 2018


N378TP (msn 19000559), an Embraer Lineage 1000 (ERJ-190), owned by ETPC Aviation LLC [Atlanta, GA], made a stop at HNL.

According to spotters in Sydney, Australia, N378TP arrived there a few days later.

04 July 2018

2,000,000 Page Views

According to Google Analytics, the HNL RareBirds website has accrued 2,000,000 page views!

To our fans and readers, Mahalo for supporting our website, and reaching this accomplishment!

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

The HNL RareBirds team wishes you all a Happy Independence Day, as we celebrated the United States of America's 242nd birthday!

03 July 2018

China Southern Airlines' B-1295

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of B-1295 (c/n 63264, l/n 6965) today. This 737 MAX 8 is making its delivery flight from BFI as CSN195, and will overnight at HNL. This is the airlines' fourth 737 delivery in seven days.

02 July 2018

Hawaiian Airlines' N215HA

Hawaiian Airlines is taking delivery of N215HA "Uhiuhi" (msn 8266, f/n 215) this evening. This A321-271N, their second delivery in three days, is making its delivery flight from BFM as HAL9981, and will make a fuel stop at OAK, then head for HNL.

01 July 2018

Okay Airways' B-1485

Okay Airways is taking delivery of their first 737 MAX 8, B-1485 (c/n 60704, l/n 6985), this afternoon. It's making its delivery flight from BFI as OKA1485, and will overnight at HNL.

United Airlines' N66837

United Airlines' 737-924ER, N66837 (c/n 60122, l/n 5168, f/n 0637), is now wearing commemorative decals to note the 50th anniversary of the Special Olympics. It arrived from LAX this morning as UAL620, and returned to LAX in the afternoon as UAL286.


Our July edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to May 1995, and this Douglas DC-8-62H, VR-BLG "Gypsy Queen" (c/n 46071, l/n 469), seen above taxing on Taxiway C. At the time, it was owned by Sunningdale Investments, and had a VIP interior.

46071 was originally delivered to United Airlines in July 1969 as N8970U "Mainliner Hilo Hattie". In the mid-1970s, it was painted in the livery designed by Saul Bass. In June 1984, it was leased to Arrow Air, and two months later sold to IAL, and leased back to United. In January 1985, N8970U was leased to Hawaiian Airlines. The airline bought the DC-8 in February 1986, then sold it to CIS Air Corporation, who leased it back to Hawaiian, a month later. It was sold to ICC and leased back in December 1986, then to Aerospace Finance LLC in April 1991. After it was returned to the lessor, this DC-8 had its cabin converted to a VIP layout, and in May 1991, leased to Australian Consolidated Press. It was operated by Santa Fe Aviation, and re-registered as VR-BMR in October 1991. Nine months later, it was acquired by Sunningdale Investments. In June 1997, it had Stage 3 Hush-Kits installed on its four Pratt & Whitney JT3D-7 engines, and re-registered as VP-BLG. In September 2001, it was sold to Cari Aviation Leasing Ltd, and leased to Jetline as P4-DCE "Samia". In October 2006, it was sold to the Republic of Togo as 5V-TGF, and continued as a VIP transport until October 2009, where it was placed into storage at Miami, FL. The fate of this DC-8-62H is unknown.

Air China Inner Mongolia's B-1217

Air China Inner Mongolia is taking delivery of B-1217 (c/n 60897, l/n 7037) today. This 737-89L is making its delivery flight from BFI as CNM47, and will overnight at HNL.

Ukraine Air Alliance's UR-CNT

Ukraine Air Alliance's Antonov An-12BK, UR-CNT (msn 347505), has stopped at HNL for fuel as it arrived from OAK as UKL5102.