25 September 2020

Armée de L'Air's F-RBAQ

The Armée de L'Air's (French Air Force) F-RBAQ (msn 102) is making an overnight stop at HNL from TUS as CTM1542. This A400M-180  flight originated from ORE [Bricy Airport, Orleans, France], and is headed to PPT. It also made stops at YYT [St. John's International Airport, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada], and TUS [Tucson, AZ].

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22 September 2020

Mokulele Airlines Acquires N2150

Mokulele Airlines' parent company, Southern Airways, has acquired N2150 (msn 208B5054) from Big Island Air. This colorful C208B Grand Caravan has the Mokulele flower logo placed on the nose section where the BIA logo once was, and subdued Mokulele titles on the fuselage.

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Conair's C-GVFT

Conair is ferrying C-GVFT (msn E2253) from its base at Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada [YXX] to Australia for its summer firefighting season. This RJ85 arrived from OAK yesterday afternoon.

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17 September 2020

Fiji Airways Retires DQ-FJF

Fiji Airways has retired its lone 737-7X2, DQ-FJF "Island of Koro" (c/n 28878, l/n 96). This 737 was quite the frequent visitor to HNL as Fiji Airways (and previously Air Pacific) used it on the NAN-CXI-HNL, and the NAN-APW-HNL routes. It's making its retirement / lease return flight from NAN to MME [Teeside International Airport, Darlington, UK], via HNL, LAX, and BGR as FJI2002. Fiji Airways had a retirement event that they posted on their Instagram page.

DQ-FJF was delivered to Air Pacific in September 1998, named "Island of Koro". It remained in the fleet when the airline was rebranded as Fiji Airways. In September 2017, FJF was sold to Willis Lease, and leased back. It was withdrawn from service earlier this month.

15 September 2020

Glenorchy Air's N879UT

Glenorchy Air [New Zealand] is taking delivery of N879UT (msn 208B5563). This Cessna C208B Grand Caravan is making its delivery flight from ICT [Eisenhower Airport, Wichita, KS] to ZQN [Southern Alps, Queenstown, New Zealand], via SOW [Show Low, AZ], MCE [Merced Municipal Airport, Merced, CA], HNL, PPG, and AKL. This is the airline's first Grand Caravan, and will be registered as ZK-MMZ in New Zealand.

Virgin Australia Returns Five 737-8FEs

Virgin Australia is returning five of their 737-8FEs to AerCap. Combined with the airline's financial issues, with the China Corona Virus pandemic, they are in the process of thinning out the fleet as they reorganize, and in the process of new ownership.  CH-Aviation reports that Bain Capital will acquire Virgin Australia Holdings, as it received approval from its creditors. The five 737-8FEs are flying from BNE to GYR (via HIR and HNL), ferried by Jet Test crews, are making fuel stops at HNL today.

2-VYFG, formerly VH-YFG "Hanson Bay" (c/n 40999, l/n 3941), is making its ferry flight as JTN258. It was delivered to Virgin Australia in February 2012, under lease from ILFC. AerCap acquired the lease in May 2014.

2-VYFI, formerly VH-YFI "Porpoise Bay" (c/n 41000, l/n 3963) is making its ferry flight as JTN269. It was delivered to Virgin Australia in March 2012, under lease from ILFC. AerCap acquired the lease in May 2014.

2-VYFN, formerly VH-YFN "Ballina Beach" (c/n 41009, l/n 4456) is making its ferry flight as JTN270. It was delivered to Virgin Australia in May 2013, under lease from ILFC. AerCap acquired the lease in May 2014.

2-VYFP, formerly VH-YFP "Nobby's Beach" (c/n 41011, l/n 4476) is making its ferry flight as JTN271. It was delivered to Virgin Australia in June 2013, under lease from ILFC. AerCap acquired the lease in May 2014.

2-VYFQ, formerly VH-YFQ "Whiting Beach" (c/n 41010, l/n 4494) is making its ferry flight as JTN272. It was delivered to Virgin Australia in June 2013,
 under lease from ILFC. AerCap acquired the lease in May 2014.

03 September 2020

RCAF CC-150 at KOA

Seen on the south ramp Thursday, Sept 3, 2020.

01 September 2020

Asia Pacific Airlines Expands Service

Asia Pacific Airlines has expanded mainland service to OAK, SEA, and LAX, as well as limited service to KMJ [Kumamoto, Japan]. Flights began last month, as an addition to its current service to the Federated States of Micronesia.

Air Transport International's N71CX

Our September edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to November 2004, with Air Transport International's DC-8-62H-CF, N71CX (c/n 45961, l/n 361), seen above on Taxiway RT. The ATI DC-8-62H-CFs were the backbone of their military charter service to AWK [Wake Island Airfield, WQ] and SUU [Travis AFB, Fairfield , CA] up until 2013, when 757-200Cs took over.

45961 was originally delivered to Alitalia Cargo System in June 1968 as I-DIWQ "Ciclope", it was also painted in the 1970s livery, and flew with them until June 1981. Sea & Sun Aviation purchased this DC-8 for Flying Tiger Line as N3931A. In 1986, it also flew for Air Cargo Spain. In June 1987, IAC Leasing Corporation purchased N3931A, and leased it to Hawaiian Airlines. Three months later, it was sold to First Security Bank of Utah, lease transferred, until February 1993. Hawaiian had the interior configured for 204 passengers. Later that October, it was sold to Trans American Express, and leased to Advance Air Charters as C-FHAA "The Spirit of Calgary". In November 1995, this DC-8 was acquired by Kalitta American International Airways, and re-registered as N818CK three months later. In February 1999, it was transferred to their Kitty Hawk International subsidiary for 15 months. ATI purchased this DC-8 in March 2003, registered as N71CX, and configured the interior to a combi (with 32 seats in the aft section).  In December 2009, it was sold to Cargo Aircraft Management (ATI's parent company), and leased back. It flew with ATI until January 2013. Sadly, N71CX was scrapped at MHV in April 2014.

22 August 2020

Myanmar Airways International XY-AGU

Myanmar Airways International is returning XY-AGU (msn 1180) to AerCap. This A319-111 is ferrying from RGN to MZJ (via CRK, GUM, and HNL) as JTN233.

1180 was originally delivered to Iberia in February 2000 as EI-HGS "Bardenas Reales", under lease from ILFC until November 2012. A year later, it was leased to Myanmar Airways International as XY-AGU. In May 2014, it was acquired by AerCap, and the lease transferred. This A319 was placed in storage at RGN in February 2020.

21 August 2020

ConAir's C-FFQE

ConAir's Dash8-Q402, C-FFQE (msn 4325), is making a positioning flight from YXX to BDB [Bundaberg, Australia], via OAK, HNL, MAJ, HIR, and BNE. It arrived here from OAK this afternoon.

4325 was originally delivered to HM - Heli Malongo Airways, leased from Aviatrade Belgium in January 2011 as D2-EUR, until July 2019. It was acquired by ConAir as C-FFQE earlier this year, and converted to fire bomber.

11 August 2020

Prescott Foundation's 44-28938

Prescott Foundation's North American B-25N Mitchell, 44-28938 "Old Glory" (msn 108-33263, also registered as NL7946C), is one of several World War II-era warbirds that were ferried over from the mainland aboard the USS Essex, for a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII.

44-28938 was originally built as a B-25J-15 by North American. No information is available as to its assignment during WWII. It was converted to a TB-25N, and registered as N7946C in 1958. It was restored in 1995.

06 August 2020

Amazon Prime Air Launches OGG And KOA Service

Amazon Prime Air is commencing RIV-OGG-KOA-RIV daily service today. The flights are operated with Atlas Air 767-300ERFs, the RIV-OGG segment is flown as GTI3747, OGG-KOA as GTI3748, and KOA-RIV as GTI3749.

Today's inaugural flight is being made by N1399A (c/n 27959, l/n 609).

Sriwijaya Air's 2-AERL And 2-AERM

Sriwijaya Air is returning two of their 737-800s to its lessors, ferrying them from SZB to MZJ, via GUM and HNL. 2-AERL (c/n 33699, l/n 1309), a 737-8Q8, is flying as JTN227; and 2-AERM (c/n 30876, l/n 759), a 737-86J, is flying as JTN228. Both 737s made late night "gas & go" fuel stops at GUM and HNL.

33699 was originally purchased by ILFC, and leased to Eurocypria in April 2003 as 5B-DBX "Grecos" until November 2010. During its time with Eurocypria, it was subleased to Sunwing Airlines [Canada] during winter months as C-GDBX. In May 2011, ILFC leased it to SpiceJet as VT-SGS "Poppy" until December 2014. Apollo Aviation acquired 33699 in May 2015, and leased it to Sriwijaya Air a month later as PK-CMH "Tamariska". Apollo later sold the 737 to Carlyle Aviation Partners in December 2018, and was withdrawn from service in April 2020, and stored at SZB.

30876 was originally purchased by AerCap, and leased to Air Berlin in February 2001 as D-ABAD, until June 2009. Two months later, it was leased to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GER, and flew until June 2015. Four months later, Sriwijaya Air was the next lessee, as PK-CMN "Ketulusan", and flew until April 2020, when it was stored at SZB.