27 August 2016

Hainan Airlines' B-7618

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-7618 (c/n 41390, l/n 6049) this morning. The 737-84P is making its delivery flight from BFI as CHH7618, and will overnight at HNL.

Upcoming 737NG Deliveries

With many of the airlines around Asia and Oceania ordering Next Generation 737s and 737 MAXs, most of those airliners will stop through Hawai‘i (mainly HNL) during the first segment of their island-hopping delivery flights from Boeing Field (BFI) [map]. This post is continuously updated as new information becomes available.

According to The Boeing Test Flights website, these listed below are the airframes that have begun assembly, or made its first flight from RNT, or are being readied for delivery on the BFI flightline. Additional information also provided by the Boeing Test Flights Google Sheet and PlaneSpotters.net's 737 Production List. Those listed below, should make a stopover in Hawai‘i on their first segment out of BFI on their delivery flights in the near future:
6014 | B-7639 | 60691 | Hainan Airlines | -86N [08.06.16 CHH8639]
5940 | B-1533 | 42157 | Donghai Airlines | -83Z [08.08.16 EPA293]
5925 | B-1532 | 42156 | Donghai Airlines | -83Z [08.08.16 EPA292]
6023 | B-7977 | 61429 | Shandong Airlines | -85N * [08.10.16 CDG7977]
6024 | B-7876 | 41495 | China Eastern Airlines | -89P [08.10.16 CES9002]
6025 | B-7988 | 42160 | Lucky Air | -84P [08.12.16 B7988]
6027 | B-7990 | 61794 | Lucky Air | -8AL [08.12.16 B7990]
6029 | HS-LTW | 38307 | Thai Lion Air | -9GPER [08.13.16 TLM1]
5979 | B-7088 | 60462 | Ruili Airlines | -7ME [08.14.16 B788]
6033 | B-1561 | 42970 | Hebei Airlines | -8LW [08.17.16 HBH1561]
6030 | HS-DBW | 61296 | Nok Air | -88L "Nok Fah Kram" [08.17.16 HDSBW to LIH ]
6039 | B-7978 | 61430 | Shandong Airlines | -85N * [08.20.16 CDG7978]
6040 | B-1550 | 42934 | Xiamen Air | -85C [08.23.16 CXA8099]
6043 | B-7970 | 43891 | China Southern Airlines | -81B [08.24.16 CSN970]
6049 | B-7618 | 41390 | Hainan Airlines | -84P [08.27.16 CHH7618]

5931 | B-28066 | 41345 | Far Eastern Air Transport | -8SH « BFI
6008 | B-7631 | 61273 | Donghai Airlines | -83Z «
6017 | B-____ | 42933 | Xiamen Air | -85C «
6050 | B-1551 | 61351 | 9 Air | -86X «
6061 | B-7893 | 60855 | Air China | -89L «
6062 | B-____ | 42159 | Hainan Airlines | -84P «

« Pre-Delivery Test Phase
« First Flight: 08.23.16
« Added: 07.17.16
« Stored (Location [IATA])
° New / Modified Livery
* Special Livery / Markings

On the occasion that a delivery flight stops through a Neighbor Island airport, or Anchorage, AK [ANC], their IATA airport code will noted after its flight number. However, when the delivery flight goes through ANC, it will not be listed on the "Deliveries" pages.

Due to the amount of orders known, the 737 Order List has been moved to its own tab. When an airframe begins assembly or makes its first flight, the listing will be moved to this post, according to the Line Number.

26 August 2016


N124WF (c/n 25180, l/n 2201), a 737-4Y0, is making its ferry flight from MNL to DHN, and has made a stop at HNL from MAJ, and continues to SBD tomorrow. It's owned by Southern Aircraft Consultancy (Bungay Suffolk, United Kingdom).

25180 was originally delivered to Futura [FH/FUA] (Spain) in January 1992 as EC-FLD, under lease from GPA. From April to July 1996, it was sub-leased to Air-Berlin as D-ABAJ. GECAS took over ownership of this 737-4Y0, and leased it back to Futura in July 1996 as EC-GHT. During the lease period, which lasted to October 2008, it was sub-leased to Are Lingus (as EI-CNF, from October 1996-April 1997), Ryan International Airlines (as N251RY, multiple times), and TransBrasil (as PT-TDG, December 1998-March 1999). Futura also had multiple Spanish registrations: EC-GHT, EC-GOB, EC-HBZ, and EC-KUI. In July 2009, GECAS leased 25180 to Sriwijaya Airlines as PK-CKD "Bersebah", until May 2015.

24 August 2016

China Southern's B-7970

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of B-7970 (c/n 43891, l/n 6043) this morning. The 737-81B is making its delivery flight from BFI as CSN970, and will overnight at HNL. B-7970 is the 100th 737-800 to make its delivery flight stop in Hawai‘i.

23 August 2016

Xiamen Air's B-1550

Xiamen Air is taking delivery of B-1550 (c/n 42934, l/n 6040) this morning. The 737-85C is making its delivery flight from BFI as CXA8099, and will overnight at HNL.

20 August 2016

Aloha ‘Oe N845KH

Aloha Air Cargo has returned N845KH "Kupa‘a" (msn 340A-111) to WFBN. It's being ferried to the mainland as N845KH, with its first stop being VGT.

*** 08.23.16 Update ***
N845KH is at BGR [Bangor International Airport, Bangor, ME], with stops at APA [Centennial Airport, Denver, CO], and DFI [Defiance Memorial Airport, Defiance, OH]

Shandong's B-7978

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of B-7978 (c/n 61430, l/n 6039) this morning. The 737-85N is making its delivery flight from BFI as CDG7978, and will overnight at HNL. It's also wearing the "Friendly Shandong" special livery, the same as B-7977.

18 August 2016


N962NZ (c/n 25362, l/n 2164), a 737-484F, is making its delivery flight to Toll Airwork, is stopping through JRF from DHN (via ONT). It will continue onto PPG tomorrow.

25362 was originally delivered to Olympic Airways [OA/OAL] (Greece) in October 1991 as SX-BKD "Amphipoli". In December 2003, Olympic Airways re-branded as Olympic Airlines, after it emerged from bankruptcy. SX-BXD was transferred, and painted into a special livery for the 2004 Olympic Games that the city of Athens hosted. In 2006, it was painted into Olympic's "Euro-White" livery. SX-BXD was withdrawn from service in September 2009, and sold to AerSale as N362AS. After being in storage for a couple of years, 25362 was leased to Med-View Airlines [VL/MEV] (Nigeria) in August 2012 as 5N-BPA, and returned to AerSale in June 2015. After its return to AerSale, it was ferried to DHN for freighter conversion, and sale to Toll Airwork.

17 August 2016

Hebei Airlines' B-1561

Hebei Airlines is taking delivery of B-1561 (c/n 42970, l/n 6033) this morning. The 737-8LW is making its delivery from BFI as HBH1561, and will make an overnight stop at HNL.

Nok Air's HS-DBW

Nok Air is taking delivery of HS-DBW "Nok Fah Kram" (c/n 61296, l/n 6030) today. The 737-88L is making its delivery flight from BFI as HSDBW, and will make it overnight stop at LIH.

14 August 2016

Ruili Airlines' B-7088

Ruili Airlines is taking delivery of B-7088 (c/n 60462, l/n 5979) today. The 737-7ME is making its delivery flight from BFI as B788, and will overnight at HNL. B-7088 is the 100th 737NG delivery flight to stop through Hawai‘i this year. As pictured above, B-7088 lacks the light red markings as previous Ruili 737s to deliver through HNL.

13 August 2016

Thai Lion Air's HS-LTW

Thai Lion Air is taking delivery of HS-LTW (c/n 38307, l/n 6029) this evening. The 737-9GPER is making its late night delivery flight from BFI as TLM1, and will make its brief fuel stop at HNL, before continuing onto PNI.

12 August 2016


N197CR (c/n 28153, l/n 615), a former Qantas 767-338ER, is ferrying through HNL from VCV, as it's bound to join the SF Airlines fleet in China.

28153 was delivered to Qantas Airways in May 1996 as VH-OGP, and served with the airline until January 2014.

Lucky Air's B-7988

The second of the two Lucky Air 737-800 deliveries, is B-7988 (c/n 42160, l/n 6025). The 737-84P is making its delivery flight from BFI as B7988, and will overnight at HNL.

Lucky Air's B-7990

Lucky Air is taking delivery of two 737-800s this morning. B-7990 (c/n 61794, l/n 6027), a 737-8AL leased from BOC, is making its delivery flight from BFI as B7990, and will overnight at HNL.