14 January 2017

Island Air's N682WP

Island Air's second Q400 Next Gen, N682WP "Na‘au Pono" (msn 4546), is making its last delivery flight segment from CMA today, and will arrive this afternoon. Flying as SXA358, it also made stops at DLH and APA, after leaving the Bombardier factory at YZD.

13 January 2017

Spring Airlines Japan's JA04GR

Spring Airlines Japan [SJO] is taking delivery of JA04GR (c/n 61776, l/n 6223) this afternoon. The 737-8AL, leased from BOC, is making its delivery flight from BFI as JA04GR, and will overnight at HNL.

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Xiamen Airʻs B-1579

Xiamen Air is taking delivery of B-1579 (c/n 42936, l/n 6224) today. The 737-85C, the first 737 delivery of 2017 to stop through a Hawaiian airport, is making its delivery flight from BFI as CXA8099, and will overnight at HNL. 

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Upcoming 737NG Deliveries

With many of the airlines around Asia and Oceania ordering Next Generation 737s and 737 MAXs, most of those airliners will stop through Hawai‘i (mainly HNL) during the first segment of their island-hopping delivery flights from Boeing Field (BFI) [map]. This post is continuously updated as new information becomes available.

According to The Boeing Test Flights website, these listed below are the airframes that have begun assembly, or made its first flight from RNT, or are being readied for delivery on the BFI flightline. Additional information also provided by the Boeing Test Flights Google Sheet and PlaneSpotters.net's 737 Production List. Those listed below, should make a stopover in Hawai‘i on their first segment out of BFI on their delivery flights in the near future:
6224 | B-1579 | 42936 | Xiamen Air | -85C [01.13.17 CXA8099]
6223 | JA04GR | 61776 | Spring Airlines Japan | -8AL [01.13.17 JA04GR]

5948 | PK-L__ | 42985 | Lion Air | -8MAX « BFI
6008 | B-7631 | 61273 | Donghai Airlines | -83Z « BFI
6034 | PK-L__ | 42986 | Lion Air | -8MAX « BFI
6081 | B-1553 | 61355 | 9 Air | -86X « BFI
6114 | PK-L__ | 42994 | Lion Air | -8MAX « BFI
6122 | B-1593 | 61325 | Ruili Airlines | -84P «
6153 | B-1595 | 61326 | Ruili Airlines | -84P «
6181 | B-1575 | 61274 | Donghai Airlines | -83Z «
6186 | B-1556 | 61356 | 9 Air | -86X «
6200 | B-7992 | 61773 | Lucky Air | -8AL «
6218 | B-7993 | 61775 | Lucky Air | -8AL «
6225 | B-1581 | 61776 | Okay Airways | -9KFER «
6227 | B-18666 | 61774 | China Airlines | -8AL «
6228 | B-____ | 42972 | Hebei Airlines | -8LW «
6230 | B-1592 | 61357 | 9 Air | -86X «
6231 | JA03RK | 61477 | Japan TransOcean Air | -8Q3 «
6233 | B-____ | 60159 | Shandong Airlines | -85N «
6235 | B-1580 | 42937 | Xiamen Air | -85C «
6236 | 9M-LC_ | 38938 | Batik Air Malaysia | -8GP «

« Pre-Delivery Test Phase
« First Flight: 01.11.17
« Added: __.__.17
« Stored (Location [IATA])
° New / Modified Livery
* Special Livery / Markings

On the occasion that a delivery flight stops through a Neighbor Island airport, or Anchorage, AK [ANC], their IATA airport code will noted after its flight number. However, when the delivery flight goes through ANC, it will not be listed on the "Deliveries" pages.

Due to the amount of orders known, the 737 Order List has been moved to its own tab. When an airframe begins assembly or makes its first flight, the listing will be moved to this post, according to the Line Number.

12 January 2017

Delta To Launch SEA-LIH Service

Delta Air Lines announced today that they will begin daily 757-200 service between SEA and LIH on December 21, 2017. This is one of several new routes the airline will be starting from its SEA hub.

Further details in this Delta Air Lines news release.

Hawaiian To Launch LIH-KOA Service

Hawaiian Airlines announced that they will launch service between LIH and KOA on March 12th. This would be the longest inter-island flight in Hawaiian's route system. There will be one flight in each direction between Līhuʻe and Kona.

Further information in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

11 January 2017

Island Airʻs N681WP Blessing

This morning, Island Air held a Hawaiian blessing ceremony for N681WP "Ola Kūpono" at their hangar. The new Q400 Next Gen is scheduled to enter service tomorrow, on the OGG route. There were speeches by Island Air CEO David Uchiyama, VP Jeffrey Lau, and Bombardier's Gary Dixon; along with a prayer and blessing by Kahu Kelekona Bishaw. The event culminated with a media preview flight that flew from HNL, over the island of Lānaʻi, and back.

Photos to follow ...

09 January 2017

Virgin Australia's VH-ZPA

Virgin Australia is ferrying VH-ZPA (msn 19000148) from BNE to BNA (via APW, HNL, and VNY) for its maintenance check. The E190 is making the flight at VOZ9901.

05 January 2017


N108MS (c/n 33102, l/n 1111), one of Las Vegas Sands Corporation's 737-7BC BBJs, is also in town, along with its fleet mate VP-BMS.

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02 January 2017


VP-BMS (msn 560), the Las Vegas Sands Corporation A340-541, has made a stop at HNL after a 17.5-hour flight from TLV [Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel].

560 was originally delivered to Singapore Airlines in April 2004 as 9V-SGD, and withdrawn from use in November 2013. It was sold back to Airbus, and stored in LDE in March 2014. The Sands Corporation purchased this A340-541 in July 2014, and converted the interior to a VIP configuration.

01 January 2017

EVA Air's B-16308

Our January edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" features EVA Air's B-16308 (msn 655), seen above as it departed from Runway 8R to TPE, in June 2005. EVA had service A330-203 between HNL and TPE in the early-to-mid 2000s, that was preceded by 767-300ER service.

B-16308 was delivered to EVA in March 2005, under lease from GECAS. In June 2010, it was sold to AerCap, and remains in service with EVA.

Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou! 🎆🎇🎉

The HNLRareBirds team wishes our readers a blessed and prosperous 2017! 

Happy New Year! 🎆🎇🎉

30 December 2016

Cessna 172 Missing

N174LL (msn 17261220), a Cessna 172, owned by Lani Lea Sky Tours and Flight School, with three people on board, en route to HNL from MKK has disappeared off of the northwest coastline of Moloka‘i, around 18:55HST. The US Coast Guard has sent a C-130 to search the area for the aircraft.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those aboard, and their families.

Playback of N174LL's departure out of MKK from FlightRadar24.com.

Further coverage by Hawaii News Now.

29 December 2016

Island Air's N681WP

Island Air's first Dash8-Q400 Next Generation, N681WP "Ola Kūpono" (msn 4543), is making its final leg of its delivery flight from  OAK to HNL today, as SXA356. The delivery flight originated at YZD [Toronto / Downsview Airport], and made stops at DLH [Duluth International Airport, MN], PDX, MMV, and OAK for its journey from Toronto to Honolulu.