06 August 2020

Amazon Prime Air Launches OGG And KOA Service

Amazon Prime Air is commencing RIV-OGG-KOA-RIV daily service today. The flights are operated with Atlas Air 767-300ERFs, the RIV-OGG segment is flown as GTI3747, OGG-KOA as GTI3748, and KOA-RIV as GTI3749.

Today's inaugural flight is being made by N1399A (c/n 27959, l/n 609).

Sriwijaya Air's 2-AERL And 2-AERM

Sriwijaya Air is returning two of their 737-800s to its lessors, ferrying them from SZB to MZJ, via GUM and HNL. 2-AERL (c/n 33699, l/n 1309), a 737-8Q8, is flying as JTN227; and 2-AERM (c/n 30876, l/n 759), a 737-86J, is flying as JTN228. Both 737s made late night "gas & go" fuel stops at GUM and HNL.

33699 was originally purchased by ILFC, and leased to Eurocypria in April 2003 as 5B-DBX "Grecos" until November 2010. During its time with Eurocypria, it was subleased to Sunwing Airlines [Canada] during winter months as C-GDBX. In May 2011, ILFC leased it to SpiceJet as VT-SGS "Poppy" until December 2014. Apollo Aviation acquired 33699 in May 2015, and leased it to Sriwijaya Air a month later as PK-CMH "Tamariska". Apollo later sold the 737 to Carlyle Aviation Partners in December 2018, and was withdrawn from service in April 2020, and stored at SZB.

30876 was originally purchased by AerCap, and leased to Air Berlin in February 2001 as D-ABAD, until June 2009. Two months later, it was leased to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GER, and flew until June 2015. Four months later, Sriwijaya Air was the next lessee, as PK-CMN "Ketulusan", and flew until April 2020, when it was stored at SZB.

01 August 2020

Big Island Air's N381A

Our August "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to December 2005, when Big Island Air had this Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, N381A (msn 208B0339), seen taxiing on HNL's south side.

208B0339 was originally delivered to Modern Aero in April 2001 as N55CH. It was purchased by Big Island Air as N381A in December 2004, and flew with the airline until February 2008. It was sold to Wipaire Inc., then Wells Fargo Bank Northwest a few months later. In December 2008, it was sold to the Empire Aviation Group as A6-TDB. In January 2013, it was sold to Golden Falcon Aviation as N120ER. A year later, it was sold to an unknown owner in the Philippines.

29 July 2020

Hawaiian Airlines Retires N481HA

Hawaiian Airlines has retired N481HA "‘Alauahio" (c/n 55126, l/n 5073, f/n 481) from its fleet. This 717-22A was delivered to the airline in July 2001, and was withdrawn from service in April 2019. It will be used as a parts bird. The Hawaiian titles, and aircraft name have been painted over.

04 August 2020 Update
N481HA made its final flight as HAL8991 to JRF today, where it will be parted out.

25 July 2020

Nauru Airlines' VH-ONU

Nauru Airlines is ferrying VH-ONU (c/n 28732, l/n 2966) from BNE to MIA, with a stop at HNL and ONT. This 737-3U3 arrived early this morning on a direct flight from BNE. It departed this afternoon ahead of Hurricane Douglas.

28732 was originally ordered by Garuda Indonesia as PK-GGH, but was not taken up. In November 1998, Air New Zealand purchased this 737-3U3, then leased it to Winair as N930WA. Five months later, it was leased to LOT - Polish Airlines as ZK-NGD. In October 1999, Air New Zealand sold ZK-NGD to ACAP, and leased it back to the airline, then added the 737 into their fleet. In August 2014, it was sold to Nauru Airlines as VH-ONU. Its last revenue flight was on March 21, 2020, and stored at BNE.

22 July 2020

Taiwan Government Approves China Airlines Name Change

Taiwan's Legislative Yuan (parliament) approved the name change of China Airlines today. The 60-year-old carrier will be allowed to rebrand its name, livery, and corporate identity both English and Chinese. The request to change had surfaced this past April, especially with the China Corona Virus, and the confusion between The Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China.

No formal proposal nor timetable has been announced by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, but the three main contenders being tossed around are Taiwan Airlines, Formosa Airlines, and Yushan Airlines.

Further information in this Taiwan News article, Taipei Times article, and Airways Magazine article.

Qantas Retires Their 747s

Qantas Airways retired its 747 fleet today. It ends the 49-year with the "Queen Of The Skies" that began with 747-238B, VH-EBC (c/n 20011, l/n 162) in October 1971. Qantas has served HNL with four variants: -238B, -SP38, -338, and -438.

VH-OEJ "Wunala" (c/n 32914, l/n 1331) is making one last flight from SYD to LAX as QFA7474 today.

747-338, VH-EBT "City of Wagga Wagga" (c/n 23222, l/n 602), taxiing on Taxiway RT in 2005.

747-438, VH-OEI "Ceduna" (c/n 32913, l/n 1330), about to touchdown on Runway 8L in 2019.

16 July 2020

Alaska Airlines Adds Service To KOA And LIH

Alaska Airlines announced today that they will launch new service from LAX. Starting December 17, 2020, they will fly three-times weekly service to KOA, and from December, 18th, fly four-times weekly service to LIH, both with 737-890s.

Further details in this Alaska Airlines press release.

13 July 2020

US Department of Justice's N119NA

The US Department of Justice's 757-223, N119NA (c/n 24487, l/n 236), arrived from RIC [Richmond, VA] via ONT as JENA2, and parked on the North Ramp.

24487 was originally delivered to American Airlines in July 1989 as N611AM (f/n 611), and flew with the airline until April 2012. L-3 Communications Advanced Aviation LLC acquired this 757 in November 2014 as N119NA. Four months later, it was purchased by the US DOJ as N119NA.

15 July 2020 Update
N119NA brought over additional FBI Special Agents and a SWAT unit to take down a local man suspected of running a criminal organization and murder.

Further details in this Hawaii News Now report.

01 July 2020

Thai Airways International's HS-TKQ

Thai Airways International's 777-3ALER, HS-TKQ "Khemarat" (c/n 41526, l/n 1129), made a flight from BKK to HNL as THA8084. After arrival, it taxied to HIK.

HS-TKQ departed for BKK later today as THA8085.

Omni Air International's N369AX

Our July edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to July 2004, with Omni Air International's 757-28A, N369AX (c/n 28161, l/n 723), seen above at Gate 15. It was operating the Vacations Hawai‘i Las Vegas charter service.

28161 was originally purchased by ILFC, and delivered under lease to Canada 3000 in September 1996 as C-FOON. In April 2002, it was leased to National Airlines [N7/ROK] as N543NA, which lasted only seven months. In May 2003, it was leased to Omni Air International as N369AX, and flew with Omni for four years. In December 2007, it was leased to Astraeus as G-STRY until December 2011. During its time with Astraeus, it was subleased to bmi-British Midland (May 2008 - June 2011), and Iceland Express (June - August 2011). It's next lessee from May 2012 was UTAir as VP-BAS. In January 2015, it was sold to AerCap, then leased to Azur Air as VP-BAS. In December 2016, it was sold to DHL as N826DH, and converted to a package freighter. It was transferred to its UK division as G-DHKI in August 2017. EAT Leipzig acquired this 757 in March 2019 as D-ALEV, and continues to wear the DHL livery.

30 June 2020

Sriwijaya Air's 2-AERK

Sriwijaya Air is returning its former PK-CMW "Bersyeba" (c/n 30033, l/n 1149) to AerCap. This 737-83N is now wearing an Isle of Man registration of 2-AERK, and Jet Test is making the ferry flight. Its ferrying from XSP to MZJ, via SZB, GUM, and HNL, as JTN183.

30033 was originally purchased by ILFC, and leased to American Trans Air (then ATA Airlines) in June 2002 as N323TZ. It was returned to ILFC in April 2008 as ATA closed its doors. Four months later, it was leased to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GEG. In May 2014, it was acquired by AerCap, and the lease was transferred, until June 2016. That October, it was leased to Sriwijaya Air as PK-CMW, and flew with the airline until November 2019. A month later, it was flown to XSP for storage.

24 June 2020

Cebu Pacific Air's RP-C3237

Cebu Pacific Air is ferrying RP-C3237 (msn 5045) from MNL to LCQ [Lake City, FL], via GUM, HNL, and ONT. The A320-214 is making a stop at HNL after arriving from GUM. 

RP-C3237 was delivered to Cebu Pacific in March 2012 under lease from RBC. Three months later, SMBC took over the lease. It was withdrawn from service in March 2020. The A320 is being ferried to LCQ for storage.

Mahalo to 808Spotter for the top photo.

16 July 2020 Update
Allegiant Airlines acquired RP-C3237 from SMBC, and registered as N284NV (f/n 284). It remains parked at LCQ.