11 September 2008

UPS 747-400Fs

UPS has put 747-400Fs on UPS076, which flies from ONT to HNL and HKG, then back to ONT via ANC as UPS075. The other flights are primarily handled by MD-11Fs, and 767-34AERFs.

UPS has eight 747-44AFs that are new builds plus two 747-45EMs. The latter pair were acquired from EVA Air (BR / EVA - Taipei), and N578UP (c/n 27154) has undergone its frieghter conversion, while N579UP (c/n 26062) awaits its freighter conversion.

N578UP is seen above being towed to the UPS ramp, after a spot was cleared so it can be loaded for the HNL-HKG leg. It can also be seen in its EVA colors in this Airliners.net photo link.

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