06 June 2010

go!'s N75994

go! has added CRJ200ER N75994 (msn 7367) to their fleet. The Mokulele titles are also painted red on the fuselage, and were added to the tail logo as well. It's the first CRJ200ER with the modified titles. N75994 arrived Friday as ASH1101 from OAK.

Prior to go!, N75994 served with Mesa Air Group's United Express and US Airways Express.

On Wednesday, June 9th, go! celebrates its fourth anniversary.


OGGturbojets said...

The Go! website still has a picture of one of their planes in the "wave" livery. 'Haven't seen one like that for months ....

Anonymous said...

and hopefully the next pictures you post of these planes will be when they are going to MOJAVE (da graveyard!), which is when they go out of business for GOOD!