19 June 2011

Delta 747-400 Makes Emergency Landing At PMDY

On Thursday, 16 June 2011, a KIX-bound Delta Airlines 747-400 from HNL, DAL277, made an emergency landing at MDY/PMDY (Henderson Airfield, Midway Island, Papahānaumokuākea Wildlife Reserve, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands), after the pilot reported a crack in the windshield. The 747 made a safe landing, and the passengers were put on a substitute aircraft several hours later. The aircraft also suffered a few bird strikes when it landed. Delta said the 747 is repaired, and they hope to get it off of MDY early tomorrow morning.

The 747-451 involved was N663US (c/n 23818, l/n 715, f/n 6303), seen above on Taxiway C, earlier this year.

Initial report by the Honolulu Star*Advertiser. Slideshow on KITV.com, and a video of the 747 taxiing at MDY.

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