28 January 2012

TransAir's N587CA

TM Financial Corporation of Honolulu has acquired a Convair CV-640-440DF, N587CA (msn 463). According to FAA records, the mailing address is the same as Trans Executive Airlines (dba TransAir). It arrived this evening from BAK (Columbus Muni Airport, OH), via AMA (Amarillo International Airport, TX), VGT (North Las Vegas Airport, NV), MCE (Merced Municipal Airport, CA) and BFL (Meadows Field Airport, Bakersfield, CA) as RDS587. It's not known how the Convair will be utilized, though speculation is that it may replace the G-159s that were chartered for service between CXI and HNL, that was previously operated for TransAir by Maritime Air Charters (which has relocated N8E to SAT). It may be also chartered by the US Department of the Interior for work around immediate region. It's seen above on the TransAir ramp on Monday, January 31st.

Recently, the airline purchased a 737-200C, N808TA, which they are still awaiting delivery on. No details are available for the whereabouts of this airframe. It's been reported that TransAir will use the 737 to compete against Aloha Air Cargo, as their working agreement has ended.

The history of this Convair is rather vague. According to FAA records, this CV-640 was built in 1957. A database reports that it held the registration N4405, but the FAA records does not show it belonging to this CV-640. In the mid-60s, this CV-640 spent time in the Hawaiian Airlines fleet (f/n 39) as N4405. In the 1970s, it was with Pacific Western Airlines [PW/PWA], registered as CF-PWO. In the early to mid 1980s, it went to Echo Bay Mines and North Cariboo. Viking International acquired the CV-640 as N587CA in the mid 80s, after it was converted into a freighter. In the 1990s, it went to Kitty Hawk Air Cargo. In March 1999, it was sold to Rhoades Aviation of San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Anonymous said...

Rhoades Aviation, Inc is not from SanJuan. It is based in Columbus, Indiana. Also the CV-640 was a pistont 440 with an STC for the turbine 640.

Anonymous said...

As the FAA inspectors for Rhoades Aviation, you have incorrect information. Rhoades was NOT based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They are based in Columbus, Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Echo Bay owned this plane in the late 70's as I have personally flew on this plane when I was a kid when EB owned it. I know they owned it at least 76 thru 79

Anonymous said...

checked on EB's 640 they had it from 75 to 84