01 April 2012

Hawai‘i Express' N380HE

It seems the SkyLiners website was either pranked, or is pulling an April Fool's Day prank on everyone when it listed a Hawai‘i Express A380-841, N380HE (msn 002), was to have been delivered today from TLS. It appeared on their new registration page.

The photo above, is a snapshot of that SkyLiners news page, taken with my iPhone4.

There was an actual airline called The Hawai‘i Express, it was an airline in the early 1980s that flew between LAX and HNL. It was among one of the first airlines to start the fare war in the LAX and HNL route in the early days of airline deregulation. Unfortunately, the airline lasted for only 16 months (August 1982 - December 1983).

The actual A380-841, F-WXXL (msn 002), is currently being outfitted with a VIP interior, as it's destined for Kingdom Holdings (Saudi Arabia). It was originally the cabin systems prototype for Airbus. Currently, it's at TLS, and the Airbus house livery has been painted over.

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HNL808 said...

Looks like another april fools joke! lol...

Nothing registered with the FAA!