01 March 2013


N941LF (msn 461), another A320-233, owned by the Aviation Capital Group, LLC (ACG), is making its ferry flight to VCV, from KCH [Kuching International Airport, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia]. It made stops at GUM and HNL.

461 was originally purchased by ILFC, and leased to LACSA [LR/LRC] in February 1994 as N941LF. When LACSA was purchased by the Grupo TACA, it was painted it the group's livery. It then was leased to airTran Airways [FL/TRS] in November 2003, with the same N-number. The aircraft was operated by Ryan International Airlines crews. Aviation Capital Group purchased this A320, then leased it to Atlasjet [KK/KKK] in January 2005 as TC-OGL for four years. During that time is it was subleased to Saudi Arabian Airlines [SV/SVA] for a 15-month period. In April 2010, Batavia Air [Y6/BTV] was the next lessee, as PK-YUE, and now being returned to ACG.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of N941LF at HNL.

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