06 July 2013

Asiana OZ214 Crash Landing at SFO

As I'm sure you've all heard by now, but just in case you didn't, Asiana flight 214 from ICN to SFO has crashed on landing on Runway 28L. The aircraft involved was a 777-28ER, HL7742 (c/n 29171, l/n 553).

Thoughts and prayers to all on board.  Unfortunately, two passengers perished in the accident. The photos of the fuselage are stunning ... the 777 is one well-built airplane.  

Find the audio transcript of SFO ATC communicating to arrivals and departures right up to the time of the incident and shortly thereafter.  For those in the know, it is chilling to listen to.

One residual effect of the accident, is that some Australia and New Zealand flights may need to stop at HNL for fuel, as some are flying weight-restricted out of SFO.


2003Z06 said...

Sorry...brain cells missing...flight number is 214.

Jay Best said...

I think you all are getting some fuel/tech stops because of this in HNL?

hnl808 said...

NZ7 B747 on 7/7/13 diverted to HNL for a tech stop to refuel due to the runway closure in SFO. Other than that flight HNL has not received any other tech stops that I am aware of.