02 July 2013

Hawaiian's A330 Flight Simulator

Hawaiian Airlines becomes the first airline to house their very own flight simulator in Hawai‘i. The Airbus A330 simulator is a state-of-the-art Class D version that features electropneumatic struts, high-definition projectors, and a full A330 flight deck. The $10million, 10-ton simulator will keep Hawaiian's pilots in the islands for simulator flights, instead of sending them to Miami, FL. With 13 A330-243s in their fleet, and another nine on order, the airline felt it was the right move.

We were privileged to participate in today's media event, and even got to do a take off and landing on HNL's Runway 8L. Each media invitee had a 15-minute demo flight in the flight simulator.

We extend a warm mahalo to the folks at Hawaiian Airlines for inviting HNL RareBirds to the event.

Video to follow ...

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