25 July 2013


An ex-World Airways MD-11F, N384WA (c/n 48435, l/n 478), is heading off to Asia after being stored in the Mojave desert. It arrived from MHV, via LAX, yesterday afternoon.

48435 was delivered to Varig in December, 1991 where it flew as PP-VOQ. It then was converted to a freighter in 1999 and taken up by Gemini Air Cargo as N702GC where it flew from January, 2000 until the company ceased operations in August, 2008. It was leased two months later to World Airways as N384WA until the lease was up in April of last year.

*** 07.28.13 Update ***
N384WA left HNL for QPG [Paya Lebar Air Base (RSAF), Singapore)] early this morning.


2003Z06 said...

Cool pic with a neat camera angle! I had to look twice because the "joint" where the wing blends with the winglet lines up with the bottom of the vertical stabilizer.
Makes this MD-11 look like it has a really cool 4th and 5th angled tail stabilizer!

Great photo!

Stephen said...

Any idea why the stop at LAX?

Blue Wave 707 said...

Nope ...