12 April 2014

China Southern's B-2935

China Southern Airlines is ferrying their second 737-300 within the past two weeks. B-2935 (c/n 27283, l/n 2547), a 737-37K, is making its ferry flight from CAN to GWO (via LAO, GUM, MAJ, HNL, and OAK) as CSN2002. Like the previous ferry flight, B-2935's fate has been sealed as it will be parted out and scrapped.

B-2935 was originally delivered to Zhongyuan Airlines [Z2/CYN] in February 1994. The airline was acquired by China Southern in August 2000, and the 737s were integrated into the fleet.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of B-2935, as it was raining when I got to HNL.

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