27 October 2014

FedEx's 777-FS2 N863FD

FedEx's N863FD (c/n 37734, l/n 998) was substituted for the normal MD-11F on FedEx's regularly scheduled MEM-HNL flight, FDX948, on October 26.  It then spent almost 24 hours here in HNL so that the local FedEx employees can get familiarized on handling the 777-FS2.  N863FD then left today, October 27, as FDX1800 to OAK.

This training comes in time for the increased flights FedEx has during the holiday season and should mean that HNL will see FedEx's 777-FS2 more frequently.

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Blue Wave 707 said...

FedEx has been substituting the 777Fs since last year.