09 October 2014


N417US (c/n 23984, l/n 1674), a 737-401, is being ferried from DMK to GYR (via ROR, MAJ, and JRF), as it returns to its lessor, BCI Aircraft Leasing. It was most recently with City Airways (Thailand) [E8/GTA] as HS-GTB. The stop at JRF will be a brief one, only stopping for fuel.

23984 was originally purchased by Piedmont Airlines [PI/PAI] as N417US, and delivered in February 1989.  It was transferred to the US Air [US/USA] fleet after it acquired Piedmont later that year. N417US wore three different US Air liveries: the bare metal livery, the dark blue/grey livery, and the most recent livery. In 1997, it was sold to BCI Aircraft Leasing, then leased back to US Airways, until 2012. In February 2013, it was leased to City Airways, and it retained most of the previous livery.

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