01 November 2014


Our November edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" takes us back to February 1999, with this IPEC Aviation / Independent Air Freighters DC-9-33, N942F (c/n 47408, l/n 467). It was stopping through HNL as it was being ferried from MEL to MZJ (via BNE, NAN, PPG, and CXI), after it was acquired by Ventures Acquisition Company LLC, and leased to Evergreen International Airlines.

47408 was originally ordered as DC-9-33CF, by Universal Airlines [UV/UTQ] as N916U, but was not taken. In March 1969, it was delivered to Overseas National Airlines (ONA) [OV] as N936F "Island Queen". In May 1975, it was acquired by Inex-Adria Airways [JP/ADR] (Yugoslavia) as YU-AJP. In June 1982, it was delivered to IPEC Aviation [IPA] (Australia) as VH-IPF "Spirit of Endeavour".  IPEC joined forces with Independent Air Freighters [IDP], and changed the fuselage titles. After Evergreen acquired VH-IPF, and flew with the airline until9:33 it was put into storage at MJZ in August 2001. Sadly, reports are that N942F has since been scrapped.

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OGGturbojets said...

What a beautiful polish that DC-9 has in' 99. Thx BW.