08 February 2015

No More Antonovs?

According to an article in the January 2015 Air Force Magazine, the United States, and definitely HNL (and Kalaeloa and MCBH Kāne‘ohe Bay) is much less likely to see An-124s used as charter aircraft for US military transportation.  We may have seen the last of them for awhile.  

The U.S. Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) used to charter the An-124s over the past 13-14 years to get "big stuff" overseas as a last resort, thru a CRAF sponsor, but this has dropped significantly in the past few years. Much of this is due to the Fly America Act.

In my opinion the continued sour relations between the US and Russia is a major factor as well. After all, why should we contribute to Putin's economic growth as long as he continues to buzz our borders and naval formations. 


aviatorhi said...

Don't forget that a few AN-124s were operated by the Ukranians, who probably could use our support.

Blue Wave 707 said...

The US Marine Corps used Volga-Dnepr quite often at NGF to ship their CH-53s to deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Hawai‘i Army National Guard used Volga-Dnepr as well for transporting its helicopters for deployments.

Antonov Airlines is based at Kiev, Ukraine. One of their An-124s was here for a few days from CNS, and going to MEM as ADB288F.

Polet Flight (Russia) has suspended operations as it goes through bankruptcy proceedings, and their 3 An-124s have been stored.

Volga-Dnepr, (Russia) is now the only civil Russian-based An-124 airline.


2003Z06 said...

We still have to follow the terms of the Act, no matter who we might like to help. We have to "help" American companies first. I would say that it is the patriotic thing to do.

2003Z06 said...

An American flagged airline should see about buying the Polet planes! Either that or we need a few civil C-17s. Would one look great painted in Hawaiian's colors? :-)

Blue Wave 707 said...

Boeing proposed a BC-17, a civilian version of the C-17 in the late 90s. It was to have been modified to make flights from the US mainland to Hawai‘i without refueling. UPS was to have been the launch customer. The FAA denied approval for civil use. On top of that, the production line is shutting down as the last C-17s are completed.


2003Z06 said...

Yah read that too, but it would be nice! The Qatar Ait Force/Qatar Amiri Flight C-17 looks simply awesome in the QR/QTR colors. Imagine a Pualani C-17.

Anonymous said...

What article in the January Air Force Magazine are you referring to, where the use of AN-124 aircraft was discussed?

2003Z06 said...

"CRAF For The Future" had a sidebar. We have to "Fly America" first anyway, and Polet is sidelined...so we might need a heavylift/oversized cargo solution/alternative. Soon.

2003Z06 said...

By the way, maybe Boeing will slow down the termination of C-17 in light of the A400 crash. Maybe the countries on the waiting list have "had enough" and will reconsider C-17s or C-130Js now.