12 March 2015

Aeroméxico To HNL?

The Pacific Business News reports that Aeroméxico [AM/AMX] is exploring the possibility of serving HNL from MEX [Benito Juárez International Airport, México City, México] , seasonally. It is in preliminary stages to see whether the service would be feasible, nor did the airline reveal which aircraft type it would use. Contrary to the article's claim that MEX is 320 miles closer to HNL than LAX, the Great Circle Mapper shows that HNL-LAX is 2221 nm, while MEX-HNL is 3299 nm.

Aeroméxico does have the aircraft to make the flight 3299 nm flight, with 787-8s, 777-200s, 767-300s and 767-200s. If it comes to pass, AMX would be the first airline from Latin America to serve HNL with direct service. The airline is also a member of the Skyteam Alliance.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the claim about MEX-HNL being 320 miles less than LAX-HNL was misinterpreted.

It should have been phrased MEX-HNL is 320 miles closer than MEX-LAX-HNL, the current routing most folks from Mexico to Hawaii currently.