05 July 2015

Close-up Views Of Solar Impulse 2 HB-SIB

After an historic and record breaking flight from Nagoya, Japan to Kalaeloa Hawaii, the Solar Impulse 2 flown by André Borschberg rests after a flight time of 4 Days, 21 Hours and 52 minutes without using a single drop of fuel.  The Solar Impulse 2 is sharing around the world the message of clean technologies and renewable energy with #futureisclean. Learn more about the initiative at solarimpulse.com and futureisclean.org. These photos were taken later in the morning of its arrival on July 3rd in Hangar 111.


Jim McDiarmid said...

So awesome to see it in person! But wouldn't want to fly in it.

Kanye's Private Planes said...

This aircraft is much bigger than I thought. Looks intelligent and beautiful! Hope to see this in the future!