23 April 2016

Solar Impulse Si2 (HB-SIB) Departs Kalaeloa

Photo by Jean Revilard | solarimpulse.com

After nine months inside Hangar 111 at Kalaeloa Airport-John Rodgers Field (JRF), the Solar Impulse Si2 (HB-SIB) with pilot Bertrand Piccard departed Thursday morning, April 21st, for Moffett Federal Airfield (NUQ) in Mountain View, California.

Solar Impulse is on its around the world flight flown with zero fuel to share the message of clean technologies. In July 2015, Solar Impulse, flown by André Borschberg arrived in Hawai‘i from Nagoya, Japan after crossing the Pacific in almost 5 days flight time. However, due overheating of the aircraft’s batteries that power Si2’s 4 engines during the flight, it was necessary to replace the damaged batteries and wait for favorable conditions across the Pacific.

Piccard who is the founder and initiator of the Solar Impulse project along with Borschberg - the project’s CEO, plan to continue across the United States to New York, cross the Atlantic, then Europe and continue on to Abu Dhabi, the starting point on Si2’s around the world journey. We wish the entire Solar Impulse team great success!

Pilot for the Hawai‘i - California crossing Bertrand Piccard with André Borschberg. 

Solar Impulse Si2 HB-SIB inside Kalaeloa's Hangar 111.

HB-SIB being pulled out to Runway 4R at Kalaeloa Airport (JRF).

HB-SIB along with André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard receive a traditional Hawaiian blessing.

The Solar Impulse Si2 HB-SIB into the Hawaiian skies on her way to California.

Aloha Solar Impulse! Bonne Chance Bertrand Piccard!
Photo by Jean Revilard | solarimpulse.com

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