01 August 2016

Shan Xi's B-5137

Our August edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to November 2005, and Shan Xi Airlines' 737-84P, B-5137 (c/n 32606, l/n 1805) delivery flight from BFI, that stopped through HNL.

B-5137 was ordered by Hainan Airlines, and leased to its Shan Xi Airlines [8C/CXI] subsidiary. In June 2006, it was leased to CR Airways, another Hainan subsidiary, as B-KBF. When CR Airways [CRK] re-branded as Hong Kong Airlines [HX/CRK], B-KBF was transferred. In October 2008, it was returned to the mainline Hainan Airlines fleet, again as B-5137.

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