01 June 2017

Al-Anwa Establishment's HZ-AB3

Our June edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to November 1994, and this 727-2U5, HZ-AB3 (c/n 22362, l/n 1657) owned by the Al-Anwa Establishment (Saudi Arabia). It's seen on HNL's South Ramp.

22362 was originally delivered to the Royal Jordanian Government in August 1980 as JY-HNH, as VIP transport. In June 1985, it sold to the Brunei Government as V8-HM1, and re-registered in April 1987 as V8-HM2. In February 1989, it was transferred to Royal Brunei Airlines as V8-BG1. In August 1994, it was bought by the Al-Anwa Establishment as HZ-AB3. A year later, it was converted to a Super 27 with winglets and Valsan conversion kit. It was last photographed in August 2016, and FlightRadar24, has tracked its most recent flight this past February.

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