07 November 2017

Aloha Air Cargo's N399CM

Aloha Air Cargo is wet-leasing N399CM (c/n 25451, l/n 498), a 767-323ERF, from Cargo Air Management. It's been ferried from ROW [Roswell, NM] to ILN [Wilmington, DE] before making its way to HNL. The 767, using the Air Transport International flight coding [8C/ATN], was ferried to LAX to begin service this past Sunday, where it made the first flight to HNL yesterday as ATN7001. It will make its return to LAX this evening as ATN7002.

According to Skyliners, Cargo Air Management's holding company Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) is leasing three 767-300ERFs to Northern Air Cargo Group on seven-year contracts. One will be going to Aloha Air Cargo, another to Strat Air [Florida], and the third to Northern Air Cargo. There is also an option for a fourth 767-300ERF.

25451 was originally delivered to American Airlines in May 1993 as N382AN (f/n 382). In January 2010, it had Blended Winglets installed, and flew with American until November 2016. Cargo Aircraft Management acquired this 767-323ER in March 2017, and had it converted to a freighter in Tel Aviv, Israel, the next month.

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