09 April 2018

Amazon Prime Air's N1217A

Amazon Prime Air's N1217A (c/n 25865, l/n 430, f/n 17A), a 767-375ERF, made a round-trip flight from ONT as GTI3598 (and GTI3599 on the return leg), and operated by Atlas Air. The flight arrived last evening, and returned this afternoon.

We're trying to find out if this was a proving flight for Amazon Prime Air.

N1217A was previously registered as N631GT, and stopped through HNL in November 2016, on its way to QPG for freighter conversion.


aviatorhi said...

It's probably not a proving flight as the operator already has ETOPS.

Blue Wave 707 said...

It's been here on the last 2 Mondays only ... Not sure if it's regular service.