18 April 2018


N675AN (c/n 29425, l/n 817), a former American Airlines 757-223, is ferrying from VQQ [Cecil Field, Jacksonville, FL] to SZX [Shenzhen, China], via TUS [Tuscon, AZ], HNL and GUM, headed to join the SF Airlines fleet. The numbers 231 are visible on the nose gear door.

29425 was originally delivered to American Airlines in August 1998 as N675AN (f/n 5EG). It had Blended Winglets installed in 2008, and flew with American until August 2015, where it was placed into storage at ROW [Roswell, NM]. In January 2017, it was sold to Jetran, and ferried six months later to VQQ for freighter conversion. After conversion, it was acquired by SF Airlines.

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