01 August 2018

Shan Xi Airlines' B-5135

Our August edition of "HNLRareBirds Classic" goes back thirteen years to the delivery flight of Shan Xi Airlines' 737-84P, B-5135 (c/n 32603, l/n 1766).

B-5135 was delivered to Shan Xi Airlines, which is part of the Hainan Air Group in August 2005. A few months later, it was transferred to the Hainan Airlines fleet, but operated it for Shan Xi, and in July 2006, it was returned to Shan Xi, where it continues to fly today. In early 2011, it was painted in the 2007 Hainan red and yellow livery. At the end of 2017, it was painted in the current Hainan livery.

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