21 October 2021

New Mexico State Aggies Team Charter

The New Mexico State Aggies football team is chartering a Sun Country Airlines 737-800 for their road trip to Honolulu to play the University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Saturday. N820SY (c/n 39951, l/n 5166, f/n 820) is flying the Aggies as SCX8609 from ELP to HNL, via OAK. The Aggies will depart following the game.

23 Oct 21 UPDATE
N820SY will fly to OAK, then LRU [Las Cruces, NM].

photo to follow ...

20 October 2021


A former Pacific Air Express 757-225F, VH-PQA (c/n 22611, l/n 75), is ferrying from BNE to MCI, via PPG and OGG, as the airline ceased operations this past April. It had been operating on behalf of QantasFreight up until the end. It’s making an overnight stop at OGG tonight.

22611’s History:
Dec 1985: Originally delivered to Eastern Airlines as N522EA, under lease from GATX.
Oct 1991: Leased to Air 2000 as G-OOOW, until Nov 2001.
Jan 1999: Painted in the new livery.
Sep 2002: Leased to Air Atlanta Icelandic as TF-ARE.
Apr 2003: Subleased to Excel Airways as TF-ARE.
Nov 2005: Returned to Air Atlanta Icelandic.
Mar 2006: Leased to Excel Airways as G-VKNC.
Dec 2006: Aircraft sold to Aerolease as N315ST, and converted to a freighter.
May 2007: Leased to Varig LOG as PR-LGI to Jly 2009.
Oct 2011: Leased to DHL International as A9C-DHD to Jun 2017.
Mar 2018: Leased to Pacific Air Express as VH-PQA.
Apr 2021: Airline ceased operations, aircraft stored at BNE.

19 October 2021


Allegiant Air is taking delivery of N208NV (msn 5640, f/n 208), as this A320-214 transits from XSP to GEG, via GUM, MAJ, and HNL. It left XSP as a white-tail.

5640's History:
Jun 2013: Originally delivered to Peach as JA809P, under lease from GECAS.
Jun 2014: Sold to Avolon, and lease transferred.
Feb 2015: Sold to Fuyo General Lease, and lease transferred.
Feb 2021: Returned to FGL, registered as F-WXAY, and ferried to XSP a month later.
Sep 2021: Purchased by Allegiant Air as N208NV.

15 October 2021


N826KW (c/n 28521, l/n 330), a former NokScoot 777-212, is making a ferry flight from ASP [Alice Spings, Australia] to MCI, via BNE and HNL. It was acquired by Jet Midwest for delivery to Eastern Airlines.

28521's History:
Mar 2001: Originally delivered to Singapore Airlines as 9V-SRF.
Jul 2014: Transferred to their NokScoot subsidiary as HS-XBA "Proud".
Aug 2020: Returned to Singapore Airlines as 9V-SRF.
Aug 2021: Acquired by Jet Midwest as N826KW.

14 October 2021

Lion Air's VP-CEQ

Castlelake is having Lion Air's VP-CEQ (c/n 38315, l/n 3954) ferried from CGK to SBD, via GUM and HNL. It's bound for the Delta Air Lines fleet. This 737-9GPER's ferry flight began on September 14th, and has been delayed at GUM since September 20th, after it had to turn back due to an undisclosed maintenance issue, and awaited parts.

38315's History:
Mar 2012: Originally delivered to Lion Air as PK-LJO, wearing the "60th 737-900ER" tail livery, and under lease from Castlelake.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service.

21 Oct 21 UPDATE
VP-CEQ remains parked at the same location, awaiting it's next leg to SBD. It's not known whether this 737-9GPER has another maintenance issue.

Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors Team Charter

The University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors chartered a Hawaiian Airlines A321-271N, N227HA "Olopua" (msn 9223, f/n 227) for their road trip to play against the University of Nevada Wolf Pack. The flight left this afternoon for RNO as HAL762. The team will return following their game as HAL763, and N227HA will stay at RNO..

17 Oct 21 UPDATE
HAL763 will make a brief fuel stop at OAK.

Alaska Airlines' Seattle Kraken Logojet

As one of the Seattle Kraken's major sponsors, Alaska Airlines has adorned N915AK (c/n 44080, l/n 7682, f/n 915), with a Kraken-themed special livery to commemorate the National Hockey League's newest franchise. This 737-9 is making it's first visit to HNL today from SEA as ASA174, then onto LAX as ASA866. It also made a stop at KOA from SEA, and back yesterday, as ASA807/880.

Alliance Airlines' N901QQ

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of their next ERJ-190AR, N901QQ (msn 19000100). It's being ferried by Southern Cross Aviation, as SXI2154. It's flying from SJO to BNE, via SDM, HNL, and MAJ. This white-tail E190 will be painted at DRW.

19000100's History:
Aug 2007: Originally delivered to Copa Airlines as HP-1564CMP.
Nov 2008: Leased to Aero Republica.
Feb 2009: Returned to Copa Airlines.
Sep 2015: Painted in the "ConnectMiles.com" special livery.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service.
Jun 2021: Acquired by TVPX Trust Services as N901QQ, and ferried to SJO for prep to Alliance.

India Navy's IN330

The Indian Navy is taking delivery of its next P-8I Neptune, IN330 (c/n 64892, l/n 8526). It's flying as BOE233 as it makes its way from BFI to GOI, via HNL, GUM and BWM. It's also still wearing its Boeing Defense registration, N611DS.

13 October 2021

Lion Air's VP-CIQ

Castlelake is having former Lion Air's VP-CIQ (c/n 39878, l/n 5096) ferried from CGK to SBD, via GUM and HNL, as it will join the Delta Air Lines fleet. This 737-9GPER has "LionParcel.com" titles on the nacelles.

39878's History:
Sep 2014: Delivered to Lion Air as PK-LPH, under lease from Archway Aviation.
Oct 2021: Withdrawn from service.

12 October 2021

Lion Air's VP-CEG

Castlelake is having another Lion Air 737-9GPER, VP-CEG (c/n 37290, l/n 3918), ferried from CGK to SBD, via GUM and HNL, as it will join the Delta Air Lines fleet. It appears that the "Thai" title has been taped over.

37290's History:
Feb 2012: Originally delivered to Lion Air as PK-LJL under lease from Castlelake.
Nov 2019: Transferred to Thai Lion Air as HS-LVJ.
Mar 2020: Returned to Lion Air as PK-LQU.
May 2021: Withdrawn from service.

Hawaiian Airlines Moves LAX Operations

Today, Hawaiian Airlines moves their operations at the Los Angeles International Airport [LAX] from Terminal 5 to the West Gates of Terminal B at the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).

Further information in this Hawaiian Airlines press release, and this map from Los Angeles World Airports.

11 October 2021


N515JA (msn 1051), a Gulfstream G-IV owned by Aery Aviation LLC [Wilmington, DE], is making a stop at HNL. With one of the port-side windows having a sensor sticking out from it, it appears to be a research jet. According to engelsjk.com, it flew circuits over Minnesota and Michigan.

14 Oct 21 UPDATE
N515JA has been flying circuits over the islands at FL410 as FST707.

22 Oct 21 UPDATE
This G-IV departed HNL this morning for VCV.

10 October 2021

Qatar Cargo's A7-BFX

Qatar Cargo's 777-F, A7-BFX (c/n  66870, l/n 1664), is making a stop at HNL from ORD as QTR8140. The flight, which was scheduled to NGO, was diverted to HNL, then continued onto NGO, after a short fuel stop.

09 October 2021

Con-Air's C-GVFT

Con-Air is ferrying C-GVFT (msn E2253, f/n 566) from YXX to DBO, via OAK, HNL, MAJ, GUM, and CNS, for the Australian summer fire fighting season. This Avro RJ85 is flying as FGD566.

Aeronautica Militare's MM62191

A C-130J from the Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force), MM62191 / 46-57 (msn 382-5531), is making a stop at HIK as it transits from PSA [Pisa, Italy] to CHC, via ADW, SUU, HNL, and PPG, as IAM4600. It's making a stop at HIK, as it is heading to New Zealand for summer flights to Antarctica.

The top photo was taken at HNL, as MM62191 taxied to HIK. The above photo was captured at CHC as it pitched up due to a gust of wind on final approach.