21 June 2006

Aloha's "Funbird" Returns

Aloha Airlines has brought the "Funbird" livery of the late '60s to mid '70s back! 737-230A, N823AL "Liholiho" (c/n 23154) has been re-painted in these retro "Flower Power" colors. 823 will begin regular flights on Friday the 23rd. This is a modern-day HNL RareBirds "Blast From The Past"!

Aloha Airlines held a 60's/70s themed party for its employees, guests, and the media, which featured 2 flight attendants, Nina and Jodi (L - R, seen above), modeling stewardess uniforms from the "Funbird" era.

Seeing the "Funbird" again brought back a lot of memories, along with the music and the fashions. The Inter-Island Terminal was a far cry of what it is today. Standing in the hangar with the "Back To The Future" atmosphere, was definitely a chicken-skin moment.

Mahalo nui loa to the folks at Aloha Airlines for allowing me to attend this event.


Pan Am Hawaii said...

Thanks Bluewave for being present for the past! The FUNBIRD does bring back memories of old. I wonder, are the flight attendants going to be attired in the retro look too? Now that would be something. Perhaps they could also serve Primo like the old days? Not sure how they would get that though! Agian, great shots!

Blue Wave 707 said...

Thanks! Unfortunately, the uniforms will be the standard ones they currently have. That would have been groovy to see those bright uniforms on that plane. Oh yeah! Primo Beer in those stubby brown bottles!