01 June 2007

Yuri Gagarin Tu-154

An HNL insider told me that a Tupolev Tu-154M/LK1 belonging to the Yuri A Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre arrived at HNL about an hour ago. The Tu-154 is registered as RA-85655 (msn 89A798).

According to their account, the Tu-154 landed on Runway 4R, rolled to the end, and taxied along Taxiway A toward HIK.

Photo link of RA-85655 on Airliners.net.

This also happens to be the 300th HNL RareBird post!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought I saw that one (although it looked all white) takeoff this afternoon around 2 from downtown. Looked like it went off 08L?

Anyone get photos?

Moku Pics said...

I saw this too and thought it was an odd looking 727. I was all the way out at Kalaeloa but saw the tri-motor with a smokey trail. Came in just a little after the 747 below. Wish I had been at HNL to see it. It's been a long time since I saw a Tupelov.

Anonymous said...

Saw it and pointed it out to my FO when we were on final to 8L.