23 August 2007

10 soldiers from Schofield on Blackhawk that crashed

Please take a moment out of your busy day to say a prayer, take a moment of silence, or use whatever form of contemplation you practice to have a private thought for the 10 brave warriors that perished in the crash of a Blackhawk in Iraq.

The soldiers had just been picked up after a mission when the chopper apparently suffered a mechanical and went down claiming the lives of all aboard. This is especially painful because many of the victims were to rotate home in a month or so, and they were all from Schofield Barracks. The base, the local community, and the entire state is reeling from the loss. Many families are on hold for good or bad news, and my thoughts are with them either way.

Remember please that whether or not one agrees with the politics, that the fallen were doing what they chose to do...defending our freedoms and our way of life.

There will be 20 boots, 10 M-4s, and 10 helmets empty at the next roll call.

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Blue Wave 707 said...

These troops paid the ultimate sacrifice helping others experience freedom, choosing to serve our country. I, for one, salute them.

My prayers go out to those who lost their loved ones.

The Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Airfield community mourns the loss of their comrades.