02 August 2007

Private 727-100

There was a privately-owned Boeing 727-100 parked on the Bradley Pacific ramp yesterday. I could not see the registration on the aft section if the tri-jet, nor get a decent angle to get a photo of it.


Alex said...

I would guess this would be it:

Looks like this aircraft recently went through a reg# change, used to be N727PX.

Anonymous said...


Blue Wave 707 said...

N727AH (fka N727PX), c/n 19261, is a Boeing 727-21 that is owned by Classic Designs of Tampa Bay Inc.

This tri-jet began its life with Pan American's European operations, as N359PA, "Clipper Sause Wind". It was also owned by Paxson Communications, after its Pan Am days.

Josh said...

It was also owned by The Limited (Guess Jeans) after Pan Am. Then it belonged to Andre Agassi prior to Paxson Communications buying it.