26 March 2008

RAAF in Town...

The past 24 hours has seen a number of Royal Australian Air Force aircraft arrive at HNL. Yesterday, it was a Boeing 737-700/BBJ clad in white with large Air Force titles on the side. It parked on the South Ramp and departed this afternoon from the reef runway. Today also saw the arrival of 9 (if my count is correct) F/A-18s on runway 8L with the unoriginal (but accurate) callsign of "Aussie". They parked at Hickam and were followed in by two Omega Tankers. First a B-707, then a DC-10. The RAAF is the launch customer for the A330 tanker that the USAF has just selected but they have not taken delivery of the first one yet, thus making it necessary to contract private tanking to cross the pond. Just a guess, but they are likely either coming from or going to Red Flag at Nellis AFB, NV. 

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