13 August 2008

One-Two-Go MD-83

Did anyone catch this bird? According to Flight Aware, it departed from MNL (Ninoy Aquino) and is on its way to Oakland via Guam, MAJ (Marshall Island International), and Honolulu. It had its original registration changed to N530AW (c/n 53050).

Photo from Airliners.net.


Anonymous said...

i see it continued onto marana,i wonder what for?

lono68 said...

Looked it up and this aircraft is a MD-82.
This carrier is a low-cost airlines out of Bangkok, Thailand.
They are the subsidiary of parent company/airline Orient-Thai Airways. Thailand first low cost air carrier.

Blue Wave 707 said...

It's headed for storage in the Arizona desert.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Its Thai registration was HS-OMH.

N530AW also flew for Falcon Air Express and AeroMexico as N831LF.

Unknown said...

One-Two Go got suspended by the Thailand government. Plane owner AWAS picked up the plane and move it back to the desert for storage.