29 September 2008

Mainliner Kona

United's Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Mainliner Kona departing for the mainland from the John Rodgers Airport on Lagoon Drive in the mid- 50's. What I love about this photo are the spectators viewing the Stratcruiser's departure. A true "Blast From the Past". United named various Stratocruisers with Hawaii names. Mainliner Hana Maui, Mainliner Hawaii, and Mainliner Waipahu after the birthplace of United's chariman William A. "Pat" Patterson. Click for larger image.


Blue Wave 707 said...

Truly, a "Blast From The Past"! To think the Boeing 377 was the wide-body of its era. One of today's United 777-200s or 747-400s would dwarf a 377.

Would love to see UA paint a 777-200 in these colors.

naugusta said...

I would love to see UA dump their current livery all together. It is just horrible.