06 October 2008

Picture of HA's "new" 717-22A

Here's the first of Hawaiian's "new" 717-200s, N483HA, `Anianiau. This aircraft isn't actually new to Hawaiian's fleet. A check of the FAA registry, shows this aircraft's serial number as 55128. If you look up this serial number in the airliners.net photo database, you will find this aircraft in Hawaiian's livery back in 2002-2003.

This aircraft was one of the two returned back to Boeing and had the same registration. It originally entered Hawaiian's fleet as N483HA, `Akiapola`au. In 2003, it was returned back to Boeing and then went to AirTran as N604AT. AirTran then returned the aircraft back to Boeing in August 2008 when the leased ended. Now, it is back with Hawaiian with the same registration, but a new name.

The next three 717s will be ex-QantasLink aircraft

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ms2872 said...

Just flew to HNL from KOA on this plane. It has a lav in the front and a bigger galley then the rest of the 717 fleet.