15 November 2008

Aloha Air Cargo's N840AL Unveiled

Adhering to a request from Aloha Air Cargo (KH/AAH), here are two shots I got from the official unveiling on October 15th.

N840AL (c/n 23124), a 737-2X6C, was named "Ho‘omaka‘ana Hou" (Hawaiian for "New Beginning") was unveiled to Aloha Air Cargo employees, family, business partners, and the media in a gala presentation set in the KH hangar. The new colors also represents a new corporate identity for the cargo division of the former Aloha Airlines (AQ).

The top photo shows the new livery in its entirety, anf the above photo shows the new tail logo, which may feature different colors on the subsequent re-branding of the other four 737-200Cs in the KH fleet.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Beautiful pics Thank you.

Does anyone know how much longer these airframes are expected to last? As lovely as they are, I am sure that their cycle count is well above the Boeing design number (just as the pax planes were).

Surely the company has plans to replace them somewhere down the line, I just have not seen anything in the press regarding that.