11 October 2009

Антонов Ан-225 Мрия

The Antonov An-225 "Mriya", UR-82060 (msn 19530503763) is scheduled to arrive @ HNL this evening as ADB3688. It's a relief flight from PIA (Greater Peoria Regional Airport, IL) that will continue onto PPG to provide generators by FEMA.

***Update 10-12-09***
ADB3688 is scheduled to arrive around noon today.

The top photo shows the Ukranian behemoth on HNL's north ramp, and taking up a few hardstand spots. The second photo is of the nose section. The third photo shows the cockpit, and the above photo shows two of the ten shipping containers that are transporting the generators.


Pohakuloa said...

She's on the ground on the hardstands on the north ramp! Amazing! No picture from me guys, sorry!

Anonymous said...

I watched this amazing plane decend to Oahu this afternoon from the beach at Ko Olina with my son. What a sight!

Liembo said...

Looks like it's on its way back too. Lucky week for you.


MRCAviation said...

AN225 will be joined by AN124 RA-82045 arriving from Cairns as VDA2103 at around 0715z today.

Pohakuloa said...

okay someone needs to find a way to photo the 225 and 124 together if they are parked closely to each other this time around! Where are my funds when I need them the most!?

hal763 said...

The AN124 and AN225 were separated by a DL 757, so couldn't get one with them next to each other. The best I could get is the AN124 taxiing behind the parked AN225.