15 October 2009

Interisland Terminal gates 49-51

It hasn't even been 24 hours since Shuttle America stopped flying Mokulele flights, but the gates formally used by Mokulele (49-51) have not sat idle. In the morning, the gates sat empty. However, at around 14:30, Hawaiian towed 717s to gates 49 and 50. The picture above shows N481HA getting loaded with bags. Gate 51 still has a Shuttle America maintenance van parked there, so Hawaiian probably will not use it until the van is moved.

Now that Hawaiian has basically taken over all the entire Interisland Terminal, the State probably should just rename to the Hawaiian Airlines Terminal.


SJF Hawaii said...

With this occurrance, it is a real bittersweet moment in aviation history in Hawaii. That "Aloha Wing" had always been a breed apart in the feeling for me as a passenger whenever I walked through it. Yes, the Aloha posters are gone, the vestages of Hawaiian are now more noticable in the area, but still, the taletale signs of who used to be there are still around.

Now with Hawaiian moving "all in" to the wing, it saddens me a bit to know that, really, Aloha and it's spirit is gone. But happy that go! never got the chance to move into that wing after what they did to Aloha. Keep them at the rag-tag commuter terminal I say.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Ever since HA moved into the Makai Pier, they replaced all the old AQ artwork with historic photos of their own.

Pohakuloa said...

this will likely enable HA to bring in more of the 763's inward to the "Hawaiian Airlines" Terminal. They fit in 3 and on some days I see 4 parked at the gates there. utilizing 49-51 will help them to use more gates more often for the larger birds I would imagine.

Anonymous said...

I too echo the sentiments of SJF.

It hasn't been the same since Aloha left the scene and I suspect it never will be again.. its sad because even though we all know its a 'business' the Aloha Spirit should still be alive and well.. yet IMHO-it is not. Whenever I pass through there, I feel the difference in the air. Its not the same.

Mokulele tried and I definitely gave them the benefit of a doubt however, in the end it was just too much. So thanks all at Mokulele for all you have done, we will miss you and especially the E-170s that will leave in the coming days...the go! CRJ's are no match and are already trying peoples patience!

I am Kama'aina, born and raised and I will now fly Hawaiian but only because I vowed NEVER to fly go! once AQ was forced out. I will say this...I'm sooo glad go! never got to move into that wing because that would be such a disgrace!

All I know is Karma is a B**** and one day soon, Mesa/go! will suffer the same fate, its only a matter of time!

Mahalo Nui Mokulele!