23 November 2009

A True "Blast From the Past" 74 Years Ago - The China Clipper Arrives

It was 74 years ago today that the China Clipper arrived at Honolulu. The China Clipper under the command of Captain Edwin C. Musick landed at Pearl Harbor after an 17 hour flight from Alameda California.


saabflyer said...

Just to let you HNL spotters know that an ex QF/Jetconnect 737-300, ZK-JNC passed through Honolulu around the 21st November from AKL to MZJ via APW/HNL. ZK-JNC operated the final Qantas domestic New Zealand service and the final Qantas 737-300 flight ever in early November. That concludes 733 pax operations for the Qantas Group

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where the Pan Am terminal operation was located at Pearl Harbor? Is there anything left?

Anonymous said...

I think that they landed at Pearl City in the Middle Loch. This link shows a plaque but I couldn't find it.


Dave, Kuna, Idaho

David said...

I confirmed both existence and location of the China Clipper plaque. It is on Ewa end of Lanakila Ave in a military housing area on the Pearl City Peninsula. When you stand at the plaque the opposite shoreline and mountain view track with that in the China Clipper photo.