23 November 2009

Nomads N727M

The Nomads Travel Club's 727-221/Adv (RE) Super27, N727M (c/n 22541) is in town, as it brought its club members to Honolulu.

N727M was originally delivered to Pan Am as N369PA in May 1982, and named "Clipper Hotspur".


Pohakuloa said...

I love this aircraft type and I love the way this bird in particular looks!

Anonymous said...

I served as crew on this plane and as a Nomads trip director for 8 years."Super 27" is a rare bird indeed quite the "sport jet".
The Nomads are rapidly going under, which is sad. The last of the air travel clubs to own their own airliner.

ronald dickinson said...

I was the Co-Pilot and Flight Engineer on this Nomads 727 N727M. I loved working with all the great people at Nomads and flying this Boeing to so great destinations..