22 January 2010

All Nippon Airways' JA606A

All Nippon Airways' 767-381ER, JA606A (c/n 32975), "Fly! Panda" is their logojet for their celebration of ANA's 20 years of service to China, which began in 1987. JA606A was painted in early 2007.

It made a rare appearance today at HNL today on the ANA1052/1051 run, possibly as a fleet substitution, since the switch to 777-281ERs.

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Aeros said...

Fly Panda is not too rare. ANA rotates their fleet around (at least from what Iv seen). Since the decrease in holiday traffic, the 767's are being used. I believe that there is a 777 scheduled for one of these coming Saturdays.