01 January 2010

Northwest Airlines ... Aloha ‘Oe

Today officially marks the end of Northwest Airlines, as the merger with Delta Air Lines is complete with DL and NW operating under one certificate. That means the red tail and compass logo will soon fade away as all of the NW jets receive DL colors.

Atlanta Bizjournals coverage.

In the photos above, these three types were the most common at HNL
N676NW (top photo), 747-451 (c/n 33002), is seen arriving from NRT, as NWA22, on Runway 4R.

N589NW (center), 757-351 (c/n 32989), is seen departing Runway 8R to SEA as NWA2220

N805NW (above), A330-323X (msn 552) at Gate 13 in a photo taken in November 2008, being prepped to return to KIX as NWA15.

Both N676NW and N805NW have since been repainted in DL colors, and as of November 2009, N589NW has yet to be re-painted in DL colors.


OGGturbojets said...

83+ years and gone. In the DC-6 and Stratocruiser days, Northwest used to constantly upgrade their navigation equipment; and the term, "Follow the Red Tail" was born. Next one Delta gobbles up could be Hawaiian.

Anonymous said...

Wish it was Delta instead of Northwest...though honestly-its the lesser of two evils anyway. US airlines blow anyway...in my experience-if you want to find good service its mostly always on the international carriers such as Singapore, Cathay Pacific, ANA/JAL, Korean etc...

NWA=gone...and Aloha means Goodbye!