25 February 2010


Qantas flight QFA94, an A380-842 (VH-OQE "Lawrence Hargrave", msn 027) made an emergency stop at HNL from LAX early this morning. QFA94 normally flies between LAX and MEL. According to sources, an on-board medical emergency caused the super-jumbo to stop at HNL. Sources have told me as well, that HNL Fire/Rescue trucks were standing by along Runway 4R as the A380 landed. Today's flight, however, will continue onto SYD instead of MEL.

This is the first appearance of an A380 at HNL, especially since it's not designed to handle one on a regular basis, but Gate 29 is designated as the gate to handle the Airbus should an emergency arise.

FlightAware's QFA94 flight info.


ToroPoki said...

Sad no pictures.......:-(

Blue Wave 707 said...

see above...