15 March 2010

Royal Air's N498GG

This brand new Cessna C208B Caravan, N498GG (msn 208B2118), is the newest Caravan on the HNL ramp. It has the markings of Royal Air, but nothing is known of this carrier.

According to those assisting in the maintenance, I was told that its owner owns a chain of hotels around Hawai‘i, and plans to use the Caravan as an exclusive charter.

N498GG is seen above being stripped of the ferry tanks, and having the interior installed after arriving from PWA.

***Update 03.30.10***
The FAA lists the owner of N498GG as Pleasant Aircraft Leasing, LLC of Newbury Park, CA.

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Greg G said...

So was it a 14 hour flight from the west coast to HNL? How much fuel do the extra tanks hold?