20 March 2010

WestJet Care-antee

This past Friday (March 19), WestJet's Care-antee special livery 737-8CT (C-GWSZ) visited HNL. Here it is parked at Gate 23 loading up for its flight back to YVR. The left side says "Care-antee." The right side seen here is in French. This aircraft also has been to OGG, as posted here back on February 20.

WestJet Special Livery


Blue Wave 707 said...

It's been here a few times already. I saw it on 3.17, and wanted to get the departure shot, but could not.

Pohakuloa said...

Saw this bird take off from 22L last week (Wed. 3.17 I believe) and it looks so much more beautiful in person than the pictures can give credit for. =)