18 June 2010

Rare Boeing Lineup At HNL

With the Omega Tanker 707-368, N707MQ (c/n 21368) on HNL's north ramp over the past few days, all of the Boeing 7_7 series can be seen at HNL.

Today's line-up:
707: Omega Air Tanker
717: Hawaiian
727: Asia Pacific
737: Aloha Air Cargo, Continental, WestJet, and Alaska
747: Japan, China, Delta, and Kalitta
757: American, Omni, US Airways, United, Delta, and Continental
767: Hawaiian, United, American, Japan, Delta, Continental, and Qantas
777: ANA and United

What would be really cool, that HNL replicate the line up at BFI.

N707MQ was delivered to Saudia in 1977 as HZ-ACK. It was then moved to the Saudi Arabian Royal Flight as HZ-HM3. It wore both the original jet fleet livery, and the current Saudi Arabian livery.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the photo!


OGGturbojets said...

An exceptional roll of the dice. Savor that one.

David said...

Just need to get Boeing to send the 787 over for some warm weather testing before the 707 leaves.

Anonymous said...

I can also add that the Omega Tanker serves double roles as a 707 and a 717

Blue Wave 707 said...

The Omega Tanker is a 707-300, not a KC-135 (717-100). It has no boom, and is a -300 airframe. I've been on it back '04.

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