13 July 2010

RoKAF's N413NS

The Republic of Korea Air Force's 737-7ES "Peace Eye" Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) N413NS (c/n 35328, l/n 3189) made a test flight from BFI as BOE223 today. N413NS made the flight still wearing the protective green layer over its aluminum skin.

It will receive the "Wedgetail" antenna, similar to the Royal Australian Air Force's and Turkish Air Force's 737-7ESs. The RoKAF has four "Peace Eyes" on order, with all built, and none delivered.

Along with 35328, the other construction numbers are: 34700/2822 (N735JS), 35327/3071 (N314FS), and 35329/3319 (N963SS).

***07.14.10 Update***
BOE223 continues onto GUM on its way to South Korea. The "Peace Eye" will later return to BFI for final modifications and installations.

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