22 September 2010

USAF's 61-018

A B-52H from the 23rd Bomber Squadron "Bomber Barons" had to abort take off on Runway 8R today.  It's seen above on Taxiway RA, leaning on it's starboard outrigger wheel.  61-018 (c/n 464445), flying as "Icer31", had to taxi back to HIK along RA then RB.  This was one of two B-52Hs in the flight.  "Icer32" turned around on a taxiway, and returned to HIK.  Departing traffic was re-routed to Runway 8L while "Icer31" taxied on RB to HIK.

The 23rd BS, based at Minot AFB, Minot, ND, is part of the 5th Bomber Wing.

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