23 October 2010

Alaska's "Starliner 75"

I arrived OGG today on N569AS (c/n 35184/2192); a 737-890 operating as flight #861 from PDX. The cold & drizzly ramp shot was at Portland this morning, and the warm and sunny picture was after we arrived. The doors of the overhead storage bins all have different pictures showing the history of Alaska Airlines. Pictures from the flight today. 

Aeros made a post back on 04-01-10 when this one was spotted at HNL. Not sure how often it's been back there. I've seen this plane at Maui only once before, and that was months ago.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos! Photos in posts have been recently infrequent.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Nice shots & report!

Blue Wave 707 said...

We do our best to get photos for our posts, but there will be times when we can't. Though we will post links to photos when available.

Anonymous said...

Great shot of a cool aircraft.


Dave in Kuna,