03 October 2010

AmeriJet's "ZeroG" N794AJ

One of the AmeriJet "ZeroG 727-200s is in town.  N794AJ (c/n 21243), a 727-227, is making special zero gravity flights off of O‘ahu.  It's parked at the AirService Hawai‘i ramp.

It's flying as AJT212.

Here is N794AJ as it taxi's on "Charlie" heading over to the Air Service hangar.

Parked at Air Service after disembarking her "astronaut trainees"

Mahalo to team member Lono68 for the photos.

Stephanie Lum from Hawai‘i News Now went on a flight with a group of science and math teachers selected by Northrop Grumman.

This is also our 1100th post ...

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mel said...

Yep. saw this on TV last night. Can anyone say "vomit comet"?