17 October 2010


On October 17th, there was this flight listed on FlightAware.com bound for PAE, and the aircraft listed as a 737-700. I could not find an airline attached to the code VBH. According to one of our readers walking along Lagoon Drive, he noticed it was a Virgin Blue 737-700. There have been reports that Southwest Airlines has purchased some of VIrgin Blue's 737-700s. The aircraft are flown to PAE for interior modifications and re-painting.

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Michael Dawson said...

HI HNL Rarebirds,

Yes it will be a VOZ B737-700, VBH is used as a code for Virgin Blue Holdings Pty Ltd. Pacific Blue Australia also use this code on there flights to Bali, Phuket from Australia as they are using VH reg'd aircraft, you will probably find there callsign would have been Bluey. I understand the one that passed through would have either been VH-VBR or VBS as VH-VBQ I think is already reported as at PAE. Hope this helps.


Michael Dawson