03 December 2010

Conair Aviation Firebombers

Two firebombers from Conair Aviation (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada) are in town on HNL's south ramp. They are reportedly headed for Australia for their summer season, to stand by to help fight brush and forest fires. Note that the two Convair-liners are parked in tandem on one hardstand stall.

C-FKFA (msn 100), a Convair CV-580 (upgraded from a CV-340).

C-GYXC (msn 507), a CV-580 (upgraded from a CV-440). This CV-580 was here in August 2009, as it was making its way to Canada from Australia for conversion from a passenger carrier to a firebomber.

Anyone remember when Hawaiian Airlines had Convair-liners in their fleet?

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Anonymous said...

last time i worked on this aircraft when it was zk-ksa, it was rather rotten in places with corrosion especially from the wings back. also sistership VH-PAL/ ex ZK-PAL was sold to conair also to be converted to firebomber.